Thursday, March 3, 2011

Video: Rosario Dawson, Paul Rudd & Eva Mendes Get Freaky

The Spirit Awards, notorious for shocking, unsuspecting routines between A-listers and the sorts...took place last Saturday February 26, 2011. Paul Rudd and Eva Mendes were assigned to present the award for Best Screenplay. Originally, there was a scripted "bit" between the two that was set to involve Rudd announcing the nominees while he had his hand on Mendes breast. Despite the change, it went on as planned.

But unplanned, and unsuspectingly, Rosario Dawson decided to crash the "hilarious" party. She went up on stage and grabbed Rudd's crotch after she comically stabbed him with a fork.

She had this to say...

"I'm a women's rights activist and I was getting a little tired that he was grabbing her boob onstage for half an hour," Dawson told Access Hollywood. "I was sitting there with my fork like, 'If he doesn't stop, I'm going to stab him with my fork.' So I got up there and I stabbed him with my fork, and he didn't stop, so I was like, alright, I'm going to grab his package."

And that's exactly what she did. It didn't seem to bother Rudd much, and Mendes laughed at the unplanned stunt. I have to admit, it probably wouldn't have bothered me either.

"It wasn't bad. It was actually a pretty good package," Dawson continued. "I've kind of been curious since I was a teenager watching 'Clueless.' Women should get to cop a feel, too."

Damn you Paul.


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