Monday, November 8, 2010

Photo: Rihanna Vault

#BigUps for the leak...




Clip: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Official (HD)

"Kill Harry Potter"

Money is a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so I figured if she somehow finds time to visit the site today or whenever...she could at least peep something she's remotely interested in...


Who's going to see it opening night?


A Picture's Worth: Reflection

How crazy is this?


Comcast + NBC = Higher Bill For You!?

Ok, something doesn't add up here.

Let me provide you the breakdown:
The Comcast Corporation's purchase of NBC Universal (acquisition valued at $28 Billion) could and probably WOULD add at least $2.4 billion to consumers’ television bills over 9 years The American Cable Association (Pittsburgh-based group that represents over 900 small- and medium-sized cable companies) reports that the merger itself would grant the conglomerate power to raise prices for NBC programming, and charge more in markets where it has a regional sports network.

"The Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department are weighing the proposed $28 billion deal, which would give Comcast, the largest U.S. cable company, control of the NBC television network, broadcast stations, cable channels such as MSNBC and USA Network and a movie studio."

ACA would ideally want regulators to restrict Comcast from selling NBC TV station signals or its nine regional sports networks in a bundle with national cable channels it would own such as Bravo and USA. It also has asked for binding arbitration in fee disputes.

I'm thinking right now, I'm glad to be a DIRECTV customer. OR am I? I wonder if this means, if this deal does indeed go through, will I be without Bravo and USA? NBC airs plenty of NFL games. Will regular season Sixers tickets increase because the deal might actualize, but not under the circumstances in which Comcast has proposed? They have to make up that $2.4 Billion somewhere. I guess we will just have to wait this one out and pray that the RICH don't get RICHER right???

One thing is for sure. I will be watching Comcast closely.


Video: Rick Ross ft. Gucci Mane - MC Hammer