Sunday, December 19, 2010

Video: DeSean Jackson 12.19.10 Punt Return

I know this is what the streets have been asking for! Keep it locked for more highlights, from what was arguably the best NFL game this season, coming sooner!!!


NBA Update: Orlando Magic Trade

For those who haven't heard...

What does this mean for Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic? John Wall and The Washington Wizards? Nash and his Phoenix Suns? David Stern and The NBA?

I think the Magic just got deeper, and they are now a "shoe-in" for the Eastern Conference Finals this season, however, what annoys me is, the same elite teams are getting even more elite...if that makes any sense. I need to see the Philadelphia 76ers makes some moves toward "great" or the LA Clippers or the Indiana Pacers.

All I'm saying is, the Elite 8 of the National Basketball Association will remain the Elite 8, unless some other teams get out here and make some moves. Blockbuster moves.

I guess, we'll see.