Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"The LeBrons" Episode 3 "Gloria"

Introducing: Wise Vega

Who is Wise Vega?

Back on October 2, 1985, Davon Brown was born in St. Lukes Hospital of Harlem, New York. The first born of two, Davon was raised most of his childhood by his mother Yvette Vega while his father was incarcerated. Up until his father’s release, Davon grew to be independent learning things on his own. Straying away from the typical street mentality, Davon stayed out the same, enticing box that attracted most of his peers.

After moving to New Jersey at age very influential age of thirteen, Davon fell in love with hip hop. Although heavily influenced by Notorious BIG, Davon's initial dream to rap was heavily influenced by Tupac, writing his first song after hearing America’s Most Wanted featuring Snoop Dogg. Later, Davon would take on the stage name "Wise" and would eventually add his mother’s last name "Vega."

Honing his skill and making the conscience decision to make a career out of making music, Vega found that people were naturally attracted to issues they could relate to…and if anyone knew about issues, it was Vega.

Wise has somewhat of a split personality when it comes to a musical style. Wise is a conscious rapper who speaks of struggle, family issues, and everyday life. Vega on the other hand is a flashy, cocky, sarcastic rapper who speaks of the good life. There is no telling what he may say to get his point across.

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Mr. Rose'

I'm Grinding


More On Swizz...

It's official. Swizz is the Lady Gaga of this Hip-Hop world. He gets no sleep...he can't. He produced and recorded the theme song for the new animated series, Voltron Force. No doubt the series is a remake of the classic franchise, either way it premieres on Nicktoons, June 16.

The exclusive below comes courtesy Vibe.com...


Swizz Beatz "Go NY Go [Remix]" Featuring Amare Stoudemire & Carmelo Anthony

Welcome back to the playoffs Knickerbockers. New Yorkers and Knicks fans alike are amped about this season and whatever the future holds for the organization. Hip-Hop legend in the making Swizz Beatz is no exception. Check out his latest production, "Go NY Go [Remix]." The video features Stat, Melo and the Knicks City Dancers.


Tha Carter IV Album Cover


I know just the mere sight of this makes some of you happy. Supposedly this is a shot of a second grade Tunechi...tatted the hell up and all that.

Do we think it's going to be a classic or what?