Saturday, June 4, 2011

Video: Mike Tyson discusses where ALL THE MONEY WENT!

Mike Tyson talks about buying 15 automobiles for various women, and two men. Also Totaling a car. Spending about $100,000 a month on jewelry and clothing. $240,000 in walking around money, $300,000 on lawn care, $400,000 on pigeons and cats, and having a home with 38 bathrooms.

Tyson says he never had a good support system. He says he came from a background where he never had ANYTHING, he had NOTHING. Tyson says that lead to a lot of the out of control spending, not being used to having that kind of money. He says he never learned the art of handling money.

Mike stated he values life more now than ever, states that he has less money but is able to do more in life, than when he had the money. Tyson was said to have accumulated over $400 million throughout his career.

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