Wednesday, October 5, 2011

R.I.P. Steve Jobs [1955 - 2011]

Jobs was born in San Francisco on Feb. 24, 1955, and adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs of Mountain View, California. He was a techie from a young age, often sitting in on lectures at Hewlett-Packard in Palo Alto while attending Homestead High School in Cupertino. He eventually landed a summer job there, working alongside Steve Wozniak.

Jobs enrolled in Reed College in Portland, Ore. in 1972, but dropped out after six months – he later said he “didn’t see the value in it.” He eventually returned home to California. He got a job at Atari, renewed his friendship with Wozniak and started hanging out with the Homebrew Computer Club. After trekking to India in 1974 — a trip he, like so many others, made to find enlightenment – Jobs returned home and looked up Woz.

The two of them launched Apple in 1976. Their first project, the Apple I, wasn’t much to look at — just an assembled circuit board. Anyone who bought it had to add the case and keyboard. But it was enough for Jobs to convince Mike Markkula, a semi-retired Intel engineer and product marketing manager, that personal computing was the future. Markkula invested $250,000 in the fledgling enterprise.

The Apple I begat the Apple II in 1977. It was the first successful mass-market computer, and easy to use, too. That would become a hallmark of Apple under Jobs.

Apple’s incredible string of hits started with the iMac and continued with iTunes and the iPod in 2001, the iPhone in 2007 and 2010’s iPad. There were some misses along the way – Mobile Me and Apple TV – but Jobs, working with lieutenants like Tim Cook, made Apple one of the biggest companies in the world.

Jobs had always been the public face of Apple, but he began retreating from the spotlight in 2004 when doctors diagnosed him with pancreatic cancer. It was a rare form of the disease, one that could be treated, and Jobs survived. His health, though, continued to deteriorate. His liver failed in 2009, and Jobs took a six-month medical leave. He returned, but was rarely seen. He announced he was resigning as CEO in August, and Tim Cook replaced him as the head the company.

On the evening of October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs passed as the leader of the most innovative organization known to man.


From The Vault: Avril Lavigne - "Complicated" [Video]

I hope you're not wondering why I'm posting this. If you are, leave the site...come back later.

For those of you who have chosen to stay...

The Rolling Stone Magazine audience voted THIS SONG as the 8th top single of the decade.

It was in Blender's "The 500 Greatest Songs Since You Were Born" where THIS SONG came in at #197.

Billboard Magazine ranked it at #83 of the 'Top 100 Singles of the Decade.'

Oh wait, did I mention it was Avril's debut???


The Ambler Theater Presents: The Temple University Owl Collection

In about 30 minutes from the time this is posted, the Ambler Theater of Temple University will host "The Temple University Owl Collection." The Owl collection is a compilation series of short films completely produced by the extremely talented students of Temple University's film program.

Directly following the screening, a Q & A session will be held with the world's next BIG filmmakers.

The following films go live...

Good Day Harvey Schnitzel
Inner Side of Horrible
The Journey Home
Love of the Body
My Breath
Words of Atonement

Where To Go:
108 E. Butler Avenue
Ambler, PA 19002
Office: 215-345-7855


Age Restriction:


Young Jeezy - "Chickens No Flour" [Video]

Chicken with no flour = some form of BAKED chicken.

Jeezy, stop baking...drop that 103. You're not fooling us kid...


Fabolous - Riesling and Rolling Papers [Trailer]

What does Los need trailers for? We know what that life is about...nice cars, bad jawns females, and BARS.


@Wale - "The Making Of #Ambition" [Video | Part 4]

Y'all know Maybah has visuals for EV-EEEEEEERRRRRRRRYTHING.

Ambition, 11.1.11


New Music: Willow Smith - "Fireball" (Feat. @NICKIMINAJ)

More Nicki! More Willow? Nice...

Willow's been gone for a minute, I think this is a strong follow up. When's the album Jay?


New Music: Rick Ross - "You The Boss" (Feat. @NICKIMINAJ)

[Enter Rick Ross grunt here]...[and while you're at it, enter Nicki Minaj over here where I am].

God Forgives, I Don't, 12.13.11


New Music: @NipseyHussle - "Forever On Some Fly..."

Where the hell you been Nip? I guess it doesn't matter, huh? It's not a race, it's a The Marathon Continues on November 11th.


New Music: Rick Ross - "I Love My..."

Just Blaze and the Blazettes on the track...

God Forgives, I Don't, is around the, don't piss Rozay off.


Common - "Blue Sky" [Lyric Video]

The Dreamer, The Believer. G.O.O.D. Music...November 2011.


@BIGSEAN - "Dance (A$$) Remix" (Feat. @NICKIMINAJ)

Who else would the don put on the remix???


@KendrickLamar - "Cloud 10"

K. Dot's latest...and I thought I was the shit, when I was on Cloud 9. Didn't know it got higher than that!

Here's how it all went down...

And here's the finished product...


Trey Songz - "Top Of The World"

I'm going to run ALL OF THIS NEW MUSIC, that has been sitting in my inbox, right now...expect the flood, you have been warned.

Let's start with Trigga Trey... Anticipation 2 and #LemmeHoldDatBeat2, both coming 11.1.11...

Popular date much?


J. Cole Thanks Fans For His Album's #1 Spot [VIDEO]

J. Cole's debut album, Cole World: "The Sideline Story" is officially #1 in sales. Here's J. Cole giving thanx....

Update: Kobe To Italy Is "Up In The Air"

More NBA Labor Talks took place yesterday afternoon, and this time Kobe Bryant was in attendance. While exiting the hosting venue, Bryant was asked what his plans are in light of the situation. "Train," said Bryant. "Same as always." Bryant was then asked about contract talks in Italy. "I'm up in the air," said Bryant.

David Stern commented on the possibility of The Lakers' #24 to play in Italy: "That is his right. If he does that I wish him well, be safe, play well and eventually come back."


where we got it


A Loss For Friendly's Restaurant?!

Almost 76 years ago, two brothers opened the first Friendly's ice cream shop in Massachusetts. By the 1980s, Friendly's had expanded to more than 600 locations. Earlier this morning, the family-favorite chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Industry experts believe the brand — half of which are franchise-owned — has been hurt by the down economy (hasn't every brand?), but Friendly's may also have crossed the line from classic oldie to obsolete.

"Friendly's is an anachronism, really. It's a restaurant model that is no longer viable," stated Christopher Muller, dean of the hospitality administration school at Boston University. He says it's hard for family coffee shops like Friendly's to offer full service to customers, while still competing with fast-food prices offered by the McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger Kings of the world.

In addition, Friendly's — owned by a private equity firm since 2007 — has consistently lagged behind competitors like Cracker Barrel and IHOP. A recent survey ranks it near last on value, atmosphere and service.

Well, the company has rather new management, and that team has been working on some pretty significant changes. Chief Executive, Harsha Agadi, launched a major retraining and renovation plan right in the midst of the 2010 economic collapse.

It had been coined, "The rebirth of the brand."

Friendly's has also recently launched several new concept Friendly's Express self-serve stores, and menus have been made more healthy and affordable. But is it too little too late?

When is the last time you've actually been to, or seen, a Friendly's Restaurant? Leave your feedback in the comment boxes... #WeCare



What Apple's iPhone 4S Can Do [Video]

Apple announced its latest handset, the iPhone 4S, yesterday.

Granted the new device is almost identical to the iPhone 4 or, old device, inside, the phone has been completely overhauled.

Not only does it have a faster processor, higher storage capacity and better camera, it has the capability of capturing video in 1080p (the highest HD resolution) in addition has a longer lasting battery and a redesigned antenna system. Very dope.

Apple also showcases its latest artificial intelligence feature, Siri, which brings the personal assistant to your handheld phone.

The iPhone 4S will be available for pre-order on Oct.7 and available in stores on Oct. 14. Get your bread ready!

Although, I'm Team Blackberry all the way through, I have to admit, Apple is making technological advances...other companies, just aren't capable of making.