Tuesday, November 8, 2011

@MeekMill - "I'ma Boss (Remix)" (Feat. @TheRealDJKhaled, @Tip, @THEREALSWIZZZ, @rickyrozay, @LilTunechi, @BIRDMAN5STAR) [Download]

FINALLY!!!! 5 minutes of a Jahlil Beat...Let's Rock! 12 months in the making?! I'll take it...Ha!


Who murdered it the worst?!



Platinum Plaques For The Throne

Immediately following an electrifying performance at The Garden last night (recap coming sooner), Jay-Z and Kanye West were presented life size Platinum plaques...


Word to GlobalGrind


From The Vault: Heavy D & The Boyz - "Now That We Found Love" (Feat. Aaron Hall) [Video]

Peaceful Journey was released on July 2, 1991, for Uptown Records and was produced by Pete Rock, DJ Eddie F, Teddy Riley, Marley Marl and Howie Tee. Which, happens to be an all-star line up for those who aren't familiar.

Close to a year prior to the release (July 15, 1991), group member Troy "Trouble T Roy" Dixon, died after an accidental fall; after a concert and while dancing, Dixon lost his balance, fell from a balcony, puncturing his head. Later that evening, he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Several cuts on this album pay tribute to Dixon, and subsequently attained Platinum status, peaking at number 21 on the Billboard 200 and number 5 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

This track, and also the lead-single, "Now That We Found Love" hit number 2 on the UK Billboard and number 11 on the US.

Guests on the album include Aaron Hall, Big Daddy Kane, Grand Puba, Kool G. Rap, Q-Tip, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Daddy Freddy and K-Ci & JoJo.



R.I.P. Dwight "Heavy D" Myers

Some sad news upon us this evening. Rapper and entertainer, Dwight "Heavy D" Arrignton Myers was pronounced dead at around 4pm Eastern Standard Time after being rushed to a Los Angeles hospital following a 911 distress call.

The cause of the death is currently under investigation, although, officials have gone on recording stating "no signs of foul play."

At 44 years of age, Heavy D and The Boyz were considered trendsetters in the hip-hop culture. And as a side note, my parents are going to be SICK when they learn this.

Rest In Paradise kid.

Source: USA Today.


@theROOTS - "Tip The Scale" [Video]

Video 2 of 4 of the Roots Undun project, which is set to hit shelves December 6th. Okaaaaaaaaay Playa.


@PUSHA_T - "Tony Montana (Freestyle)" [Video]

Pusha Ton and All. WHITE. Everything.


@Wale - "Mass Appeal (Freestyle)" [Video]

And just like that, more visuals from MMG.


New Music: Vague Nature (@hitstickhayd56 @CoolCalm_andCai) - "Popular"

SCREAMATME.com would like to introduce to our viewers, Vague Nature.

We know exactly what you're thinking...

Vague Nature?

With a group name like that, you're not really sure what to expect, and it works in their favor. A hip-hop group composed of Haitian rapper, HD and Philadelphia native Cai, these two are here for the taking. Their respective styles consist of originality (to say the least), creativity, thought-provoking lyrics, and animated wordplay. Content?

“I don’t knock it or anything but, Vague Nature doesn’t really rap about drugs, guns, or violence; that’s not the message we lean on. There are enough people dying in real life because of that stuff, we don’t have to make songs about it. Especially me being from Haiti, with all that’s going on there; we don’t limit ourselves to just that. You name it and we got a song for it. We’re just two young black males trying to make our dreams come true by putting out positive music for our listeners.” - HD

Dope. Vague Thoughts mixtape coming soon.

Editors Note: These two are not idiots. Both pursuing higher education degrees (HD - West Chester University - Respiratory Health and Cai - Delaware County Community College - Business Finance), they actually composed most of what you just read. It took us forever to actually get to a post, but thanks to my brother from another, Murph and well, my sister from another...we were finally able to bring this to light. Keep working VN, I have a feeling we'll see/hear more from you two...