Tuesday, February 22, 2011

KICK GAME: Air Jordan 13 "Playoffs" Release!!!

The Air Jordan 13s will be released February 26th. The Sneaker was first caught on the scene in 1998. The Sneaks Mike wore to bring home his 6th and FINAL World Championship. They will literally FLY off the shelves so "Good Luck"

Retail: $160

Elementary School Teacher by day, Burglar By Night (Delco)

Michael Innaurato is a former Elementary school teacher. Amosland Elementary (Ridley Township) is where Innaurato taught 4th grade. He quit teaching last April and has went on a Burglary spree. He allegedly robbed his father's home for $6,000 a .45 caliber hand gun, and $1,000 earrings. He also has cashed fraudulent checks amounting to $1,900. Innaurato is also wanted in three other cities in Delaware County.

Ridley detectives ask anyone with information on his whereabouts to call 610-532-4002.

For Full Story Click HERE

MAYBE U MISSED IT: Blake Griffin Dunks over Car!

Former AND 1 Legend: Troy Jackson aka Escalade DIES!

Troy Jackson aka Escalade died in his sleep this weekend. He was in Los Angeles attending NBA All-Star weekend. He was said to have died in his sleep. Troy was a former University of Louisville player. He was also a street ball legend with the AND 1 tour. Troy was 35 years old.

Here is a link to the News Report:

Former Cardinal Troy Jackson Dies - Video - WLKY Louisville

VIDEO: Carmelo saved from Media by Kobe!

Melo is a member of the New York Knicks as we all know. But prior to the trade Kobe interrupted a question about Melo leaving Denver.

Video: Beyonce "Blackfaced"

For Black History Month? I guess...


New Music: Maino - Yeah Carmelo

Just when you thought the beat couldn't be burried anymore...

Like my left hand @YaBoiShizZ stated >>> HOP ON THE BANDWAGON NOW!!! Maino's driving.


Video: Rihanna's NBA All-Star Performance

Enjoy this 11 minute halftime performance from RiRi at the 2011 NBA All-Star game.


Video: Bow Wow Talks Groupies

Clip from the Underrated Tour DVD...


VIDEO: Kobe Dunks on Lebron (All-Star 2011)

Lebron is Famous for the CHASE DOWN BLOCK. But this time Kobe gets the Dunk over LJ23s chase down attempt. KB24 won the MVP with 37 points. This is his 4th All-Star MVP award. But shoutout to LeBron for his Triple Double performance, first triple double in an all star game since JORDAN.

VIDEO: CARMELO DEAL is DONE! (All the Details)

Yes we did post that the deal was close to being done. but now it is OFFICIAL. this is the ESPN Video including every detail of the trade. New York Fans ENJOY!!! Bandwagon Fans...u have a new ride!


Marvel vs Capcom 3 Review (20 hours in)

After having some true time with this game I have to say I enjoy this game. From the variation in characters to the uniqueness of some of the moves, this game has satisfied my general desires for a Marvel vs Capcom game. With that being said I must first discuss my general displeasure with Capcom using their current business model of DLC to fleece us with Characters, Character Skins, and whatever else they decide to give us. I can understand paying for new characters, but $5 dollars a character is outrageous. This will severely segment the market and even the fan base. How would you feel if after you paid $60 for a game, you have to go around and pay $10 here or there just to get the full experience of the game. As it looks now kiddies, you will end up paying over $100 for the full game experience.

With price aside this is a decent fighter. The action is fast, furious, and outright crazy. Everything you would expect from this title. My only gripe with the game is that I feel it has been made to simple for everyone to play outside of those who actually want to dedicate their life to the game. We have seen controls go from the 6 button madness in MvC1 to now a dumbed down 4 button layout that is for everyone. Not including the Simple mode the game has. SMH@Capcom for this. I can understand the move, but it really takes away from the pure street fighter feel that makes tournament play more interesting. Now we will just see people spam certain moves, characters, and assists.

At the end of the day I appreciate this game being a part of my collection as it will allow lots of friends to come over and enjoy the game, but when serious gameplay goes down we will switch to Super Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6.

On the Old Head Gaming Scale I have to give this an 8 out of 10.

My personal suggestion for everyone is that if you want the game and don't already have it, wait for a price drop. Your missing something, but life will go on and you can polish up your combos for the EVO tournaments starting soon.

Good Gaming Everyone

Special thanks to Gamespot for images