Monday, March 14, 2011

The End Of Black Politics (Directed by Alexander Allen)

I thoroughly support the product of young film maker, Alexander Allen. Watch as he attempts to create visualization for awareness on the decline of black politics and gains insight from young African American ambassadors on the matter.

The End Of Black Politics (short documentary) from Alexander Allen on Vimeo.


Video: CyHi da Prynce's XXL 2011 Freshmen Class Freestyle

Really look out for Cy...he is lyrically ready.


What Is with Charlie Sheen’s Public Persona?

He believes he has tiger blood running through his veins. He is winning in life. He has two goddesses that live with him and occasionally babysit his two young twin boys. If you have not heard already, these thoughts are directly associated with Charlie Sheen. Sheen was recently fired from television’s top rated comedy show “Two and Half Men.” The show not only allowed the troubled actor to regain his status in Hollywood but it also permitted him to be the highest paid actor on television. Sheen and CBS are currently in a dispute on whether the network had a reasonable argument for letting him go. Every media outlet in the past couple of weeks has featured stories focusing on Sheen and his frequent erratic behavior. Sheen himself has allowed the media into his home to see what takes place behind closed doors. He appears to have lost weight. He tends to ramble incoherently and stated that he cured his battle with drug use and alcohol with the power from his own mind. It seems the more bizarre Charlie Sheen behaves, the more the public takes notice and wants to see more. It has been reported that the unemployed actor has booked appearances across country to discuss his newly found theories and ideologies. Many of these appearances have already sold out. What is apparent is that Sheen has gone through a severe transition in the last couple of weeks and should the public be partly to blame for encouraging his continued popularity? Has Sheen gone from being famous to being infamous? He has always been known for being a bad boy but should not his struggle with addiction be the main focus than his silly antics?

Life Imitating Art: The Wire Actress Arrested

Felicia “Snoop” Pearson of the HBO hit series “The Wire” was arrested on March 10th along with 63 other individuals in connection with a major drug operation. Pearson who claims to be innocent rose to fame as a “no-nonsense” drug dealer on the show but it seems she cannot separate the role she played to who she is in reality. The recent offense is not the actress’ first tangle with the law. At the age of 14, Pearson was charged with second-degree murder and served time for the crime. Should actors and actresses who have had troubled pasts play roles which mirror situations that they experienced in their own lives? Could their past history serve as a source for them to draw inspiration from or does it hinder them from improving their lives onscreen as well as off?

Video: XXL's 2011 Freshman Class Cypher Part 1 of 3

XXL Magazine really stepped this year's Freshman Class promo all the way up.

Reminiscent of a BET Hip-Hop award show cypher segment, they've thrown together their own. the first of a three part project includes Freshmen YG, Mack Miller, Diggy Simmons, and Lil Twist.

It would've been Pretty Damn Dope to see the likes of Wiz, Wale, Asher Rother, J. Cole, B.o.B., Charles Hamilton, Ace Hood, Curren$y, Cory Gunz, Mickey Fatz, Nipsey Hustle, and Big Sean...but, Big Ups to the 2011 class though.


Video: Yelawolf Won't Battle...

I like the Alabama native, here Lupe Fiasco (and MTV's Sway for all intensive purposes) pose the question, "Who wouldn't you battle?" to Yelawolf...guess who.

Nice picks. I would literally RUN from Him, Em, and Lupe myself. I think they're crazy lyricists. Who would you avoid?


New Music - Kanye West - All Of The Lights [Remix] (Feat. Lil Wayne, Big Sean & Drake)

This "rough cut" features verses from Tunech, Big Sean and Drizzy Drake. I kind of like the new flow Drake shows off on the track...but rumor has it, Jay is set to kill the end of it. I like the collab. Overall, 8/10.

Mediafire Download


Photo Of The Day: Katy Perry x Kanye West

Is Katy Perry jocking Gaga? She wouldn't be the first...and she damn sure won't be the last.

From The Vault: Carl Thomas - Emotional

In 2000, R&B sensation Carl Thomas has your radio on lock with his debut album Emotional. You were a fan, whether you'd like to admit it or not...

I Wish


Summer Rain

Which was your favorite?


Monday's Video Game Throwback

Hello Everyone Out There!!!

Here is the original intro movie to one of my favorite game series of all times. The Epic Resident Evil back when PS1 games came in big clunky cases bigger than VHS Tapes. Enjoy Everyone