Friday, February 17, 2012

Kick Game: Air Jordan White Cement IV [Release Reminder + 1999 vs. 2012 Comparison Video]

I hope you're standing in line right now... These young flamers drop tomorrow as a General Release. Retailing at $160 per box, these are a must cop. If you don't believe me, they're actually on ebay right now. Some sellers got them early, some are pre-order ordeals. Take your me in line at MidNight.

Air Jordan IV
White/Black-Cement Grey


Allen Iverson. Do Remember.


There has been a ton of "coverage" more recently about Allen Iverson and his personal and professional "meltdowns." Unfortunately that is the nature of media. I guess as I compose this post, I serve as a member of the ILLustrious group. We sometimes pry for stories and create stories from the same place we dispose of our feces. It happens everyday. Sue them. Not me. Digression. In the midst of all of these "Allen Iverson is broke, and has to go back to playing JV basketball" reports...I wanted to take sometime out to remind you of the Allen Iverson I remember. The Answer.

It's not everyday you get to witness greatness.