Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#Kobe Speaks on Being Benched VS Grizzlies

During a key 4th quarter stretch against the Grizzlies on Sunda, Kobe was benched for a little over a 4 minute period. The Lakers lost the game, which eventually lead to some questions from the media, and Laker fans as to why Coach Brown sat Kobe. Here is Kobe's response to the situation:

"It's his decision to make," Bryant told reporters after the game. "He makes the decision. He's the coach. If you guys are looking for a story, I'm not going to give you one. I can't sit here and criticize his decisions. In leading this ballclub, that's something I can't afford to do. I got to have his back. I've had his back the whole season; I can't start doing something crazy now. It wouldn't make no sense."

shoutout to ESPN

Get To Know #Lakers PG Ramon Sessions

I meant to post this a while ago, but I forgot. Hey, better late than never, right?

Have You Heard: Dj Khaled - "Take It To The Head" (Feat. Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown) [Newer Music]

Produced by the legendary Runners, with Khaled getting his "turn that bass up" on... Chris Brown was a fresh addition, everyone else has Khaled experience. I feel the need to pause this... Either way, you press play. No Diddy. Kiss The Ring on the way...


Fabolous - "She Did It" [Video]

Check Loso's latest visual. Word to Aristotle for the direction. Very dope video. If you haven't already, go get TINC3. It's everything you'll need in 15 tracks.


Kick Game: Nike Air Yeezy 2 [Purple]

Peep what some are referencing as the Kobe x Nike Air Yeezy 2.

The pair shares the a splitting carbon copied colorway as the Christmas release of the Kobe Zoom VII also known as the "Leopard."

Of course ANY details regarding the Nike Air Yeezy 2 are being cuffed like a 1990s video vixen. With that, Team SCREAMATME.com wish we had more to give you, but unfortunately, we're all going to have to just rock out with these shots, AFTER THE JUMP!

People Like U$ (@PeopleLikeUs_ x @_CurtisBryant) Get To Know Me: The Movie [Details]

Starring: Al 1Thing, Desmond Williams, Dana Black & Meena Ali.

Inspired by music from Get To Know Me: The Mixtape by Al 1Thing

Executive Produced by People Like U$ Media

Directed by Curtis Bryant Films

Get To Know Me: The Movie releases on DVD April 7, 2012 exclusively @ the "Get To Know Me" Film Release Event x People Like U$ Music Festival at Sigma Sound Stage. This event is sure to be of epic proportion and attendance worthy.

Why: All attendees will receive a free copy of the Curtis Bryant-directed film, and enjoy a night filled with electrifying performances by a multitude of diverse artists.

For those who will not be able to attend, Get To Know Me: The Movie will be available for purchase Monday, April 9th. For details, and to place orders, contact peoplelikeusmedia@gmail.com.