Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wake Up With The Breakfast Club: French Montana [Video]

French Montana dropped in on Power 105.1's Breakfast Club. With perfect attendance, Angela Yee, Charlamagne and Dj Envy fire off questions about Lil Poopy, the label situation, a delayed debut, almost breaking MTV's Hottest MC and more. Philly, why so ratchet?

Excuse My French, May 21st ... FINALLY!


The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Hottest MC in the Game Right Now? [Video]

So is this how we're feeling this afternoon? Cool.

As much as I want to, I'm having a hard time finding points to support a disagreement with Mr. Elliott Wilson on this one...smh. Guess that's the truth.

Kiyomi (Beautiful, Dreamer, Killer) by @ReeNicole_11 [Poem]

Beautiful, Dreamer, Killer

Who will ever know what that once fragile child would have became
If her innocence wasn't stripped from within
When suddenly her dreams became bleek and her desires for growing up seemed outlandish to her
When the dark circles around her once soft bright eyes, displayed anguish, sorrow and secrets so deep
That not even her mother could understand
She was forced to become nothing but a DREAMER
Completely losing herself in her imagination because reality was to harsh to bear

Will we ever know what she felt
When the #1 suspect crept his way into her life
Slowly but shortly executing her demise
To her he was her KILLER in disguise
No one noticed her distance
No one heard her cries
No one paid attention to the lack of emotion she presented in her stride
The question arises, did she ever cry?
Was she numb from the 1st touch when she felt her innocence die?
Did this BEAUTIFUL babygirl scream out an ask God why?

until a sadistic KILLER closed her eyes
Deflowered her confidence and threw shade on her shine
With one slow stroke of her thigh
Now that this nightmare is finally over will it ever be safe for her to open her eyes?
Or will she forever live in dreamland where her purity n trust resides?