Thursday, January 3, 2013 Premieres @_CDiddy's 2012 WIN Awards TOMORROW!!! in conjunction with People Like Us Media has revamped @_CDiddy's Annual WIN Awards.

As each of us here - and you at home - look to move into a new year, with newly established goals, we understand the same is true for the entire Hip-Hop culture. However, before we move on to bigger and better things in and for the year 2013...we must take some time out of our "tight" schedules to reflect on past achievements and acknowledge the deserving.

The WIN Awards were introduced to the viewing public, initially in written form via former Philadelphia store front blog site, The site has more recently shut down...however, in 2013, with AURA Night Club playing host and B. Lee behind the lens, the WIN Awards remain. Music Executive, Blogger, and Promoter, @_CDiddy presents his nominees and picks for various Hip-Hop categories.

Part 1: Rookie Of The Year + Banger Of The Year premieres TOMORROW at 8:30 AM exclusively on! Be sure to tune in and leave your comments in the c-section!

BET Notarized 100 of 2012 [List]

1. N*ggas in Paris - Jay-Z x Kanye (The Throne)

2. Pop That - French Montana, Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne

3. Climax - Usher