Sunday, February 27, 2011

EVO Fighting Championships Philly Addition

Greetings Everyone, Although your local game head did not make the EVO Fighting game tournament this past weekend, I was still excited for it. Congratulations to those gamers who took part and to the ones who came home victorious. In honor of all Fighting games, I felt it was necessary to share with you all quite possibly one of the greatest video game moments ever.

Behold the Battle of two of the greatest fighting game players ever. Justin Wong (Chun Li) and Daigo (Ken). Anyone who is a true fan of fighting games has to truly appreciate the Round 3 victory Daigo achieved. 2004 was a great year everyone.

Good Gaming Everyone

Video: Apollo 18 (Trailer)

What do y'all think of this…


Lupe Fiasco Giving Back

"Lupe Fiasco challenges a student at Inlet Grove High School in Riviera Beach, FL to freestyle for him. If the freestyle was good enough to make Lupe and his people nod their heads to his flow he promised to donate $15,000 to the school."

Check the video below.


New Music: Travis Barker x Lloyd Banks x Fabolous - Perfect Match

I like the way Lloyd Banks is collaborating with other artists…and I like Travis Barker. He's never been afraid to branch outside of his genre. #BigUps.


Video: The Black Mamba



Teaser: Megan Fox's Armani Ad

Sexy, Sexy…