Saturday, February 12, 2011

Parents Faked Girl's 'Cancer' for Cash

Sick and sad story. A couple told their family, friends, and neighbors their 15 year old daughter suffered from Bone Cancer. They even lied to the daughter to make her believe she was ill. They collected donations from family and friends.

Also the couple was taking care of their elderly father. He died and they kept him in a trailor and collected his Social Security checks.

FULL STORY: click ABC link below

Alicia and Steven Kelly charged with hiding dead grandfather for his checks.


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Female Officer rescues man from burning house

A female police officer rescued a man from a burning house in East Oak Lane Friday, and may have saved his life.
Tawana Dickerson found the man on the floor in his burning home. He was maintaining a Kerosine heater, apparently something went wrong. There was an explosion and the Home went up in flames. Dickerson went through the smoke n dragged the man out to safety.

Thanx ABC for the info. For video footage click the link below.


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Kick Game: @SneakerDave's Air Nike Penny Foamposite One Comparison

Guess what comes out today???

That's right…the classic Penny Foam retro. They were originally released by Nike for Penny Hardaway in 1997. They retro-ed in 2007 and now they're back TODAY. Penny changed the game with these. And now you can have them for the $200 retail price tag. If you're in the Philly area, wake up early enough and you get lucky…you can get down to UBIQ to cop.

Now, let the expert @SneakerDave school you...

As always for the Kick Game comparisons, a #BigUps to


Foster care nightmare subject of lawsuit

A shocking case of alleged abuse within the Philadelphia foster care system in Philadelphia is the subject of a lawsuit.

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