Wednesday, January 19, 2011

VIDEO: Nets Claim to call off Carmelo Deal!

The New Jersey Nets owner has instructed his organization to call off negotiations with the Denver Nuggets involving Carmelo Anthony. The Nets and Nuggets have been in negotiations for weeks. There was a meeting set up for tomorrow between Anthony and the Nets, but owner Mikhail Prokhorov has cancelled the meeting.

Here is the ESPN Video with further details

Video: Cast From GLEE! Teaches You How...

Sorry y'all...we are completely in our DOUGIE bags...

We're actually practicing our own versions of the DOUGIE at the headquarters now! LOL!

Check out the cast of GLEE! teaching us how to dougie...


Video: "Chuck...This Is How You Dougie!"

So Chuck...John Wall can teach you how to dougie for real...



Charles Barkley does the Dougie

Go Chuck! Go Chuck!