Tuesday, January 1, 2013

AYEpproved Music Parts 6 and 7 [@DjAYEboogie Weekly Mix]

We owe you two weeks right? Just when you thought you had opened all of your gifts, Dj AYE Boogie drops parts 6 and 7 of his weekly mix. Download them now and find gems from Wiz Khalifa, Wale, Joey Bad A$$ and Snoop Lion to name a few...


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Myke Kewl x EliteBlackSheep.com [Video Interview]

Photo Courtesy Tekhnilife

Platinum Heat Productions recording artist and SCREAMATME.com regular, Myke Kewl sat down with our good friends at EliteBlackSheep.com. The Philadelphia emcee discussed musical influences, developing as an artist, Paul Pierce, Rihanna and Lil B.

Black City TV Season Finale: 2012 Year in Review [Video]


For those of you who don't know, I attended the country's very first Historically Black College/University, Lincoln University (PA), located just outside of Oxford, Pennsylvania, with Malcolm "Triple" Murray, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black City Media. More recently, we decided to develop the relationship between BlackCityMag.com and SCREAMATME.com by providing this audience with their regularly scheduled Black City TV episodes. Pretty dope segments. Press play, thank me later.

Without further adieu...


The SCREAMATME.com Facelift

First and foremost, Happy New Year family.

Just as any holiday can bring joy and celebration of life, one can also bring sudden tragedy and unfortunately circumstance. With that, I hope this post reaches each and every one of you in good health and high spirits.

[digression here]

I want to take this time and space on the first day of what I intend to be a productive and prosperous next twelve months, to inform you all of a few changes we will be implementing on the platform (powered by Platinum Heat Productions) that is SCREAMATME.com.

In addition to maintaining the hub-like feel to the site, behind the scenes, I am looking forward to working smarter and harder at providing quality, original content for our occasional viewers and loyal audience. In addition to a mid-year design change, I also look to move away from your "normal" or "expected" hip-hop, copy + paste content. Absolutely no shots and no worries, SCREAMATME.com will work to remain as your go-to site for all things inspirational, motivating and well, as simply as I can present it in words...cool.

Look out for these brand, with which we will be working closely with to achieve "this thing of ours..."

B. Lee Ent.
Black City Magazine
Dj AYE Boogie
Elite Black Sheep
Life + Times
People Like Us Media

Family, 2013 is ours for the taking...and it starts right here, right now.