Sunday, April 8, 2012

Food For Thought…Why is Basketball Wives Still on Air?

We have all heard about the supposed exes of NBA players who have chosen to appear on a reality show. The drama filled arguments, the alcoholic drinks thrown in each other’s faces, the hair pulling and the constant profanity have all been constant themes since the show aired in 2009. I understand that people love to watch drama but this show paints minority women in a truly negative light. The show was created by Shaunie O’Neal (Shaquille O’Neal’s ex -wife). In a past interview, Shaunie stated that she wanted ladies who have held down the fort when their significant others were playing during the season. She wanted to display that they all shared a commonality, basketball. The true commonality of the women is that they cannot stand one another. Each one seems to despise if another one does better. No one can be genuinely happy for anyone else yet they all consider themselves friends. What’s wrong with this picture? Basketball Wives needs to be cancelled because the longer the show goes on, the worse it will become. I’m over the buffoonery and lack of sisterhood.

Why Does Whitney’s Cause of Death Matter?

A few weeks ago, it was revealed Whitney Houston accidently drowned in her hotel room. Her behavior the night before was said to be erratic and quite disturbing. The autopsy report also revealed Whitney had cocaine in her system. Members of the media appeared unfazed by the news but felt the need to drag Houston’s name through the mud (once more). The public is aware of the damage substance abuse has done to her body including the hole in her nose and loss of teeth. The results that were revealed are sad not scandalous. It seems people forgot that this woman was a beloved superstar with a one of kind voice. Addiction may have been her downfall but it did not take away from her legacy. So again, why does it matter if Whitney had cocaine in her system? We knew she suffered from a disease called addiction. We knew that a relapse was possible. We also knew that she voiced her struggle to stay clean countless times. Why do we build up public personas to tear them down? Let her rest in peace.