Monday, October 22, 2012

The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Are Public Feuds Hurting Hip-Hop? (@ElliotWilson) [Video]

Check out the latest segment of The Truth With Elliott Wilson... In this bit, the focus is public Hip-Hop feuds. Can't we all just get along?

Road To Brooklyn: Ball So Hard [Video]

Taken With JP's iPhone
How excited are the Brooklyn Born and Raised? Excited enough. Ball Hard with the streets.

Let's talk Net's Basketball.

Newz Music: Newz Huddle (@NewzHuddle) - "Shooter" [Audio + Download]

No, that wasn't a typo.

Newz Huddle is back on your favorite blog with "the flow of the century." Big Sean's "Mula" serves as the backdrop, as Newz paints us a very vivid picture. Let's just say this, he'll never make the newz again...

All pun everything.

Free Pills 2 is on its way. You ready?

Wake Up With The Breakfast Club: Wyclef Jean [Video]

Everybody's favorite Haitian, Wyclef Jean sat down with the world's most infamous morning crew. Gotta give 'Clef his props. After the past few weeks he's been having, I would've never showed my face at the Breakfast Club. He has guts.

They discuss Wyclef's picture, his book, the Fugees of course, and uh everything else he has going on.

Sheesh Wyclef.