Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lauryn Hill Refuses to Pay Taxes

Acclaimed multi-Grammy winner, Lauryn Hill released a statement detailing why she left the music industry at the height of her career. I admitted I read about 30% of the entire message before I chose to do something a little bit more entertaining…sleep. She also claimed she refused to pay her taxes because she felt it still tied her to a society she did not want to be a part of. Um…Isn’t that against the law? Her reasoning for why she is against paying her taxes holds no merit. I understand the music industry can be rough and insert in any other negative adjective you can think of but breaking the law to maintain your supposed sanity is not cool or legal. The IRS is filing a suit against Ms. Hill for the back taxes and my assumption is she’ll have to pay. Ms. Hill we all want you to come back to make some good music and to make some sense. Fingers crossed!

What The Kobe???

The Kobe Zoom 7 has appeared in the most interesting colorway to date. The Kobe Zoom VII team, combined the poison dart from and cheetah pattern. One shoe features the poison dart, the other features a cheetah print. Both with a brown tint. Each shoe features different color laces and swooshes. The shoe is remarkably similar to the Kobe Zoom VI "Hollywood 3D" color scheme.

No release yet but this looks to be a must have! I expect it to hit soon, sometime this summer. Keep up with for more info as it becomes available.