Thursday, January 20, 2011

Video: Tim Westwood x Drake

I don't think Drizzy meant anything by the indirect 'Watch The Thrown' comment. Even if he did...he didn't. On a brighter note, I am looking forward to 'The Carter 4,' 'Take Care,' and that collaboration. This should be a good year for music...we'll see.


Artwork: Lupe Fiasco - Lasers

I am a Lupe fan. He's a solid artist. He goes through his "go throughs," but when it's all said and done, he delivers. They're are only a few in the industry that are worthy of those words...LOL.

He most recently lifted the curtain on his upcoming album cover artwork. In my opinion, it's dope. It also reminds me of something...

The infamous Anarchy Symbol

If you have yet to hear the lead single (or see the video for that matter), The Show Goes On, thank us later...


The LeBrons: An Animated Series

LeBron James has to be one of the most intelligent athletes of my generation in particular, especially when it comes to branding and publicity. He is quite the businessman. His latest POWER MOVE comes in the form of an animated television series. No premiere date or network has been announced, however, I'm sure it will be a success.

I'll be tuned in.

#BigUps LeBron.


New Music: @BonesHR - Ransom

New "Ransom" freestyle by Hustler Record's own Bones.


@PutABeatOn - #WellTraveled Vol. 1


1 – “Well Traveled” (Prod by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® w/ CashKyle, Ralph Benjamin & Perry Ryan)

2 - “Roll” (Prod by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® w/ CashKyle & Perry Ryan)

3 – “PaBO Days” (Prod by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® w/ Perry Ryan & CashKyle)

4 – “Loving You” (Over Wiz Khalifa “Star of the show” w/ CashKyle & Perry Ryan)

5 – “BreakHer” (Prod by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® w/ Perry Ryan & CashKyle)

6 – “Ass On The Floor” (Over Dirty Money “Ass On The Floor w/ CashKyle & Perry Ryan)

7 – “Keep Going” (Over Nicki Minaj “Moment 4 Life” w/ CashKyle)

8 – “BGWFBB” (Prod by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® w/ Perry Ryan)

9 – “I Did It Again” (Prod by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® w/ CashKyle)

10 – “Prominent” (Prod by Johnny Juliano w/ CashKyle & Ralph Benjamin)

11 – “Smoke And Think About It” (Over DJ Khaled “Hustle Hard” w/ Ralph Benjamin & CashKyle)

12 – “So What” (Prod by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® w/ Perry Ryan)

13 – “Turn Her Out” (Prod by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® w/ CashKyle & SkiBoyCloud)

14 – “2011 Til Infinity” (Over Souls of Mischief ’93 Til Infinity w/ CashKyle)

15 – “She Down” (Prod by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® w/ Ralph Benjamin, Perry Ryan & CashKyle)

16 – “I Don’t Party” (Prod by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® w/ CashKyle & Perry Ryan)

17 – “Get Off” (Prod by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® w/ CashKyle, Perry Ryan & Ralph Benjamin)

18 – “I Might Not Come Back” (Prod by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® w/ CashKyle & Ralph Benjamin)



From The Vault - Dame Dash

Remember when Dame Dash SNAPPED on Def Jam...

LOL! "Handle your business."


Video: Beans - "Cash Money is the MOVE"

So, "I wouldn't mind getting down with the Birdman" huh?

Who thinks this would be a good move? I mean, honestly, Birdman and his Cash Money empire is about that paper...and best believe with vets in the game like Beans making requests like these, they do their homework before any commitments are made.

Sorry Beans, but don't look for that contract...I hope I'm wrong though.


Artwork: Dr. Dre & Eminem - I Need A Doctor

Who else is excited?

#BigUps to for the LEAK.


Royals Pitcher Gil Meche Retires, Forfeits $12M Salary!?

Former Kansas City Royals Pitcher, Gil Meche, announced his retirement from baseball Tuesday. Multiple sources report he will leave the $12 million salary he was going to receive from the club this year on the table.

Meche went just 6-15 with a 5.29 ERA for Kansas City over the past two seasons, during which he was affected by injuries to his right (throwing) shoulder.

"As a competitor my entire life, this is the hardest decision that I've ever faced, but it's not fair to me, my family or the Kansas City Royals that I attempt to pitch anymore," Meche said in a statement released by the team.

"I came into this game as a starting pitcher and unfortunately my health -- more accurately, my shoulder -- has deteriorated to the point where surgery would be the only option. At this stage of my life I would prefer to call it a career rather than to attempt to pitch in relief for the final year of my contract."

I can respect his decision to move on with his life and not cause the Kansas City Royals a world of financial trouble. That was the most commendable act I've personally seen in sports in a while.

#BigUps Gil Meche, for the story, and Ms. Parker for the lead.

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