Sunday, January 22, 2012

Giants VS 49ers #NFCchampionship Preview

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On 1.22.06 #Kobe Scored 81 Points (Highlights) *ALL 81*

Remember where you were on January 22, 2006? Most people don't, but if I ask you do you remember where you were when Kobe scored 81 points, that may refresh your memory.

On 1.22.06 Kobe dropped 81 points on the Toronto Raptors, the second all time single game scoring total, under Wilt's 100. To do that in this era is unbelievable, and I am not sure if Kobe gets the credit he deserves.

People may say he is a ball hog or whatever, but most people don't know the Lakers trailed by 18 points before Kobe hit 5 straight 3s to bring them back into the game. The game was close and Kobe closed it. Scoring 81 points and shooting 60% from the field!

So we at recognized this date and paid homage to KB24. Check the highlights out below.