Saturday, April 30, 2011

Celtics vs Heat Playoff Preview and Predictions

As all my friends and most twitter followers know. I am not a fan of the Celtics. (twitter: ShizzLakerfan) And am not very fond of Lebron James. Not that i dont think he is a great player. But i feel like a lot of his fans give him too much credit, dismissing his lack of accomplishments in the Playoffs and at the end of games.

The Perkins trade has me a little less confident in the Boston Celtics. If you would have asked me before the trade what i thought. I would have said Celtics in 5 or 6 Easy. But now with the Cs relying on Shaq and J. O'neal down low I'm not as confident as I was earlier in the season.

But, with all that being said I am still sticking with Boston to win the series as much as it hurts me to say that. A lot depends on Shaq's health and Jermaine O'neal's production down low. But i feel as though the C's Defense and chemistry is a major factor. Also Rondo has a big advantage in the point guard match-up. As far as late game closing, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce have the advantage in my opinion. This along with the attitude and heart that KG brings to the team.

I don't feel as though it will be an easy win. Long series, 6 or 7 games. BOSTON!