Friday, September 30, 2011

From The Vault: Rihanna - "Pon de Replay" [Video]

Rihanna has changed a ton since this shit! She's successfully turned herself into the sex symbol you see in the above picture. We have Jay-Z, Chris Brown, and well I guess Team Rihanna to thank.

"Pon de Replay" was the lead single off of Rih's Music of the Sun, which actually dropped under Jay-Z's reign as Def Jam's President. Quick history lesson, Jay wasn't initially going to ink Rihanna to the Def Jam deal. He felt THIS song (which was on her 4-track demo) was too big for a new, foreign (as in new concept…not as in nationality) artist like her to live up to. He went on to state that he doesn't sign songs, he signs artists. She showed him. The album went onto certified gold status via the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), meaning 500k copies shipped…and it just so happens to be her worst selling album to date. Not bad, for a foreigner.

Word to Def Jam...


From The Vault: Ne-Yo - "Stay" (Feat. Peedi Peedi) [Video]

Who remembers the lead single from Ne-Yo, featuring Philly's own, Peedi Peedi? With a February 28, 2006 release date set, the debut album, In My Own Words, would go on to reach certified platinum status selling 2 million records worldwide. That was only the beginning…


New Music: T.I. - "I'm Flexin'" (Prod. by @BigKRIT)

Tip is rolling isn't he? I guess he had a lot of time to put these verses together. And then I guess I'm not supposed to mention that "I'ma Boss (Remix)" right here either huh?


@Wale Ambition Cover Artwork

It's simple: 11.1.11


New Music: 2 Chainz - "Spend It (Remix)" (Feat. T.I.)

Is the A in the buildin?! I know y'all miss that pimp right...


@MacMiller Brings Freeway Out In Philly [Video]

Mac brought Philly Freezer out at his show two nights ago at the Electric Factory...and it went a little something like this...


Eagles Winning the Super Bowl??? Debate! [Raw & Uncut]

This is how it went down....

I'm at the crib wit my homie @PookDollaz52 , Corey, and Eric. We're just chillin and drinking, my man Pook had too many drinks and started talkin sideways...saying that the Birds will win the Bowl. So that leads to me sayin put the money a $100 bet is made. To confirm this bet i need i pull out the iPhone and record. After the bet is confirmed shots were fired at my team while the camera is still rolling, that leads to some Eagles slander and a crazy debate...Raw n scripts.

To clear the air, my team is the 49ers, and yes were are a mid-level NFL team at best. I know we are not "better" than the Eagles, but we do have talent and will be back SOON. But the debate was not about MY TEAM, it was about the EAGLES winning it all!


New Music: Curren$y - "Late Night Snacks"

Very laid back track, when I listen to this, I envision a "Summertime" -esque visual. Hmmm.... This one is for the win. Look out for that upcoming project, Muscle Car Chronicles.


@Drake's #NBA2k12 Commercial

Which team was the greatest EVER in Basketball? That's a very long conversation, that probably has no end, but somehow, the good folks at 2k Sports have seemed to nail it, in 35 seconds...

The commercial is genius. Check it out, let us know what you think.