Friday, November 30, 2012

The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Is Nicki Minaj's Appeal Fading? [Video]

Is Nicki Minaj's Appeal Fading?!

I'd say...'s "VOTE Diamond White" Campaign (@Diamondkwhite)

So, I'm usually good at picking a winner. And I think this season's X Factor USA's contestant Diamond White from Detroit, Michigan is a winner, indeed.

Life is all about timing though. And here at the HQ, we feel the time is right now to implement the official "Vote Diamond White" campaign. She is facing some stiff competition, weekly. It seems she is up against America's next sweetheart, one of country music's budding stars, a heartthrob boy band trio, and what might be the industry's last effort for a makeshift girl addition to some other talent, in the mix, that I personally just do not understand.

We're asking our loyal audience, whom we love and appreciate with every ounce of our beings, to VOTE DIAMOND WHITE immediately following next week's performance show. And if you require additional convincing, we've provided her X Factor journey - in it's entirety - AFTER THE JUMP!

Press Play. Vote Diamond White.