Friday, January 7, 2011

Video: Jim Harbaugh and 49ers agree to terms

Jim Harbaugh agrees to a five year $25 million deal to coach the San Francisco 49ers. Harbaugh is leaving his occupation as Stanford University Head Coach to take his talents to the NFL. Harbaugh playing his years in Oakland, Coaching in San Diego, and Stanford University, I'm sure staying in the Bay Area had a major effect on his decision. This looks to be a great hire for the 49ers organization. Harbaugh was a top prospect for NFL teams with coaching vacancy and the Niners land the man they wanted. Hopefully this brings the franchise back to the contenders they once were.

Kanye West has angered the Public AGAIN!!!

Kanye West is in the "Negative" spotlight yet again. This time for his choice of fashion. Kayne was photographed wearing a huge fur coat which has a nice amount of people highly upset. Apparently, PETA has been incorporating an Anti-Fur campaign for celebrity figures. Well apparently Kanye didn't get the message. Along with the fur Kanye had leather pants on and a gator bag as well.

Here are some angry tweets directed towards Mr. West.

“I think its absolutely disgusting that @kanyewest wears a mink fur, leather pants, and gator shoes,” @MsJBRZL tweeted. “How many poor animals did he kill for 1/2 an outfit? Smh!”

“If Kanye is wearing a real fur coat -- and that's what it looks like -- then I think he’s a man without heart, soul or any common sense.”

@theDarrenNelson joked, “@kanyewest where you at? Did PETA kill you for wearing that mink haha.”

Shoutout to Fox News for the info.

Kobe Zoom VI "LA" Colorway

The Kobe Zoom VI was debuted in the "LA" colorway on December 26, 2010. This colorway is obviously not inspired by the Los Angeles Lakers, but instead by the Los Angeles Dogers. The release date is yet to be determined.

Biggie's Case: Back On The Table

CNN (LA) reports a task force made up of local and federal law enforcement agencies is actively pursuing leads into the 1997 slaying of hip hop artist Christopher Wallace, better known as Biggie Smalls or Notorious B.I.G., according to two sources familiar with the investigation.

According to one law enforcement source, the investigation into the 13-year-old unsolved case was "reinvigorated" months ago as a result of new information, but the source would not elaborate further because of the ongoing investigation that includes the Los Angeles Police Department, L.A. County District Attorney's Office and the FBI.

How crazy is that?


Willow Wars!!!

Ronald "Jukebox" Jackson, one of the writers of Willow Smith's hit song "Whip My Hair," has released a track addressing Soulja Boy's claims that he wrote the track for the 10-year-old Roc Nation signee.
But it appears Jukebox, one of the actual writers on the song, isn't too happy with his claim. He tweeted back, "Soulja wrote whip my hair??..and waka flaka wrote 'thriller' right? lol," followed by "My house must be POPPIN! cuz i had NO IDEA soulja was in my house when I did that song! #invisibleswag??"
LoL. #ShotsFired

Apparently, Soulja Boy got songwriting credit simply because of the use of the line "Hopped up out the bed, turn my swag on" at the beginning of "Whip My Hair," which is originally from Soulja Boy's "Turn My Swag On" song, but not because he wrote the track. I'm not sure how much that counts, by whatever...

To further set the record straight, Jukebox released a diss track. Check it out below:

He might smack the sh!t out of not.


Kanye West x Jay-Z - H.A.M.

Now, do we know exactly what this is? No we don't.

Are we excited (no groupie sh*t)? Yes we are.

Be on the complete lookout, Team SCREAM @ ME!!! is all over it...

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