Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bow Wow - "Sell My Soul" [Video]

So…the concept is pretty hot. We've seen hotter from Rico, but he gets a pass since this was a year and a half ago. Just released today. Let us know what you think…


BET Awards: The Good, The Bad and Just Plain Stupid

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The BET Awards took place on Sunday at the Shrine Auditorium located in Los Angeles, California. Host Kevin Hart kicked off the show with what he does best…hilarious jokes. He ragged on celebrities including Sean “Diddy” Combs, Busta Rhymes and Trey Songz about their nicknames, attire and lack of clothing onstage. Throughout the show, Hart kept viewers entertained with his comedic flair. Hart’s ultimate highlight of the night was “The Real Househusbands of Hollywood” skit. The act included Nelly, Nick Cannon, Anthony Anderson, Jermaine Dupri, Tami Roman and of course, Hart himself. It was not only funny but many viewers including myself felt that the skit would be a huge hit if it actually became a real show. Though Hart impressed many with his role as host, many other aspects of the show fell flat.

RHOH: Part 1

RHOH: Part 2

RHOH: Part 3

For instance, the majority of the performances were forgettable and quite dull. It seemed as if the BET Awards should have been considered a hip hop concert instead of an actual award show. I cannot even count how many times I saw Lil’ Wayne, DJ Khaled and Rick Ross onstage. To make matters worse, the artist’s playback track was much louder than the actual artist. During a performance segment of a show, doesn’t it seem more fitting to have an instrumental version of a song? That way the audience can hear the performer clearly without any distraction. In my opinion, the only musical acts that were successful were Chris Brown and Kelly Rowland. Brown is a natural entertainer with his jaw dropping choreography and catchy lyrics. On the other hand, Rowland has had a different path. In the past, she has struggled with finding her ideal sound but her hit single “Motivation” has allowed her the opportunity to actually showcase her full potential. Her performance was classy and made viewers take notice. However, I personally could have done without her opening her shirt and the Trey Songz remix segment of her act. It made me a tad uncomfortable.

The weirdest part of the night took place when the “Viewers’ Choice Award” winner was announced. As most of you may already know, BET offers a contest for an individual to present the award onstage with “106 & Park” hosts Terrence J and Rosci. This year the lucky winner was Tiffany Greene. Greene originally announced that Chris Brown had won the award after looking at the media tablet all winners of the night were announced on. Next, came the strange and awkward part. She then took notice of the teleprompter and stated that the actual winner was Rihanna. Greene looked noticeably shaken due to the error but Terrence J attempted to comfort her. Drake took the stage accepting the award in place of the absent Rihanna. He appeared uncomfortable as well. However, before the show actually ended, Kevin Hart ended the confusion by stating that Chris Brown was the actual winner after all. Tiffany Greene took to Twitter claiming that BET was to blame for the whole situation and that the network purposely created a publicity stunt. [Ed. Note: Tweet has since been deleted and apologized for.]

On Monday,
BET executive Stephen G. Hill apologized and took responsibility for the mishap. Was BET intentionally attempting to spark controversy and media frenzy? Was it supposed to mimic the Kanye West/Taylor Swift fiasco from the 2009 MTV Music Awards? After all, we all know Chris Brown and Rihanna have had a pretty heated and some would say violent past. Everyone knows that both of the singers’ names being mentioned at the same time would make people talk. Overall, I was not wowed by the BET Awards this year. My hope is that next year it will be much better. That way, I can have more compliments than criticisms.

YC - Racks (Remix) (Feat. Nelly, B.o.B., Trae, Yo Gotti, CyHi, Dose & Ace Hood) [Video]

YC presents the visual to the monster remix…featuring Nelly, B.o.B., Trae The Truth, Yo Gotti, Cyhi Da Prynce, Dose & Ace Hood.


Ace Hood Reveals "Blood, Sweat & Tears" Album Cover

August 9. Go N Get It…


Kobe Plays NBA 2k12 *NBA 2k12 Preview* (Small Miami Heat Diss)

Here the Playstation 3 "Move" version of 2k12 is played. (Compared to the Wii, and XBOX 360 "Kinect") Not only does Kobe try out the 2k12 video game, but he takes a shot at the Miami Heat as well. One of the game's developers played against Kobe using the Miami Heat. As his opponent bragged saying "its because its the Heat," Kobe fires back saying.."The Heat aint got 5 of those things tho"!!!! As a Lakers fan, I laughed.

PS: this was taken during the regular season.

Kobe shot at the Heat is (2:39) into the video.

KICK GAME: Nike Hyperfuse & Hyperdunk 2011 Designer Talk (Video)

Hyperfuse 2011: July 15, 2011
Hyperdunk 2011: August, 2011

Rajon Rondo Talks about his game, and the Hyperfuse 2011

Toy Story 4?

But wait...I thought that was a wrap.

Here's a lesson: nothing is a wrap in Hollywood...if it's raking in the green.

Toy Story 3 was clearly a fan favorite among the 2010 film releases, and, in addition to its high critical praise, the movie also grossed over $1 billion worldwide.

Tom Hanks told BBC...that mean a 4th installment. It only makes $ense.

The writers did a phenomenal job with Toy Story 3. The film brought closer to audiences who may have not even been familiar with its preceding renditions. Although no release date has been announced,
Cars 2 is in heavy rotation and skyrocketing in the box office...as I type this...and a new short film starring the classic Toys, entitled Hawaiian Vacation, serves as a short, to play before Cars 2.

In related news, look for sequels to Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles. Those are also in the works! Word to Pixar. They don't sleep over there.


Chris Brown - Marvin's Room [Cover]

He had to do it...


Drake - Marvin's Room [Video]

The visual presentation for Drizzy Drake's lead single off Take Care.