Tuesday, December 14, 2010

S@M!!! Cribs: Will & Jada

When they had an offer for a FREE Clinton Hill penthouse on the table, Will Smith & Co. never halted the apartment hunt. The Post's Jennifer Gould Keil reports, the family has finally found their "crib." In town to film Men in Black III, he passed up 54 Bond to rent the fourth-floor unit at neighbor, 25 Bond Street, a whopping 7,326 square feet, 5 bedrooms, and 6.5 baths. Although the Smith's renting fee has not been made public, the building was once asking $55,000/month, while it was up for sale for $19.5 million. That may sound like a bit much for you and I, but the 10-year-old daughter, Willow Smith, could probably cover a few months, if things got tight.


$4.25 Million for Integrate

Have you ever heard of marketing group Integrate?

Neither had I before this

Integrate is a start-up performance-based marketing platform that includes lead exchange and SEM, or search engine marketing. More recently the young company secured a $4.25 million angel investment from VC presence, Foundry Group, which is based out of Boulder, CO.

Integrate’s platform is primarily designed around performance and transparency; its clients only pay for qualified leads and conversions — which could mean a sale or a phone call, depending on the situation. “Our mission is to make it simple and effective for anyone — a small brand of a large retailer — to put together a multi-channel, performance-based campaign,” noted Integrate co-founder Jeremy Bloom, who began the company earlier this year along with Hart Cunningham.

And you got to work late today...


Video: Nicki Minaj on Chelsea Lately

You all know how much I love Nicki right? LoL. I mean, not like Drake loves her...or the last teenage female you saw. But there's love there nonetheless. Well, I love Chelsea Handler just as much. Check Nick out on Chelsea Lately...


Welcome Home Cliff Lee

Just when you thought the Phillies were good...they just got GREAT.

A season ago, when the Philadelphia Phillies traded Cliff Lee to the Seattle Mariners...the baseball world couldn't figure out why the team would do such a thing. Lee helped the club reach two consecutive World Series trips and performed at the top of his game both instances. Turns out the trade allowed for more financial room for former American League Cy Young award winning Pitcher, Roy Halladay. Who had, arguably the most electrifying season of his career with the Phils last season, delivering a perfect game during the regular season, won his second Cy Young, and opened the playoffs with a no-hitter (see

Lee reportedly signed a five-year, $120 million contract with Philadelphia, leaving some $30 million on the table from the New York Yankees. I'm not sure Phillies fans were the only ones ecstatic about this. Fans and executives, from smaller market teams love seeing the Yankees get outed.

With this move the Phils have, undoubtedly the most impressive pitching line-up in decades, having the option to run with Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, or Roy Oswalt on any given night.

Welcome Home dude...