Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama says NO to her daughters having a facebook

Many of us parents of pre-teens get bombarded with the "why can't I have a facebook?" question daily! Facebook's policy states you must be 13 to have a facebook, but many pre-teens, either with or without their parents permission, have one. My 11 year old asks daily!!! "But mom, all of my friends have one!" Well it's a good thing she is a huge fan of the President and the First Lady. I'm hoping after watching this video she will accept my long standing answer of "NO! BECAUSE I SAID SO!!" LOL...

When you retire, will you get a check for $400,000????

That is the pension check Philadelphia City Council President Anna Verna is scheduled to receive when she officially retires from civic duty. Seems like a good deal, right? Well not for Philadelphia tax payers. We all know that a pension is a percentage of your salary that's paid into a fund and when you retire that money is paid to you in a monthly check for the rest of your lifetime. Sounds fair, but the city of Philadelphia has two retire programs. One is the traditional program the other is called DROP. DROP gives a person of retiring age an option to schedule their retirement. Once they enroll in the DROP program they have to work for four years, theoretically train their replacement and then theoretically retire. Here's the catch. With the DROP program workers who enroll will receive their pension, while they are currently working the last four years. The pension money is put in a high-yielding interest account and after the four years they are issued a check for these money's. In Anna Verna's case, a $400,000 check. It seems ridiculous that they can receive retirement benefits while not retired. How is this possible? Does your job offer such wonderful benefits? I'm sure they don't. However, if you think this is bad, DROP participants have the option of retiring and coming back to work. Some worker retire on Friday, receive their check and come back to work on Monday! Receiving retirement benefits for four years. But what does this program cost you? The program has a fixed interest rate which means if the economy is doing well the program works but if economics aren't good the city is required to make payment to the pension fund to recover the difference. Last year, that amount was over $352 million. The DROP program was initially created to give the city an opportunity to plan for workers retirement and be able to bring in younger, lower waged replacements. It was also initially only for Police and Fire, those whose physical commitment to the city can't be marginalized with a dollar figure. You may think, only in Philadlephia can this be going on but this type of pension non-sense is going around throughout the country. And we wonder why our economy is terrible and our citys are all in debt.

Video: Justin Beiber Movie - The Premiere's Red Carpet

So, are you going to see Justin Beiber's new movie? It drops Valentine's Day, but it premiered last's the E! Red Carpet flow...


Ja Rule Waiting In The Prison Line...

Former hit-maker, Ja Rule, is going to have to wait a little longer before learning when he'll start his prison term in a New York gun case. That has to suck...#pause.

March 9th is the day he'll learn when it's time to go in...#pause.

Prosecutors stated today that "changes are needed in a pre-sentencing report" for the "J to A to the R-U-L-aye." #pause

Used #pause a lot in that one huh? He won't be hearing it too much where he's headed. #play


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Video: No American Idol...

Man, keep your head up Christina. I think you're dope. Screw em all...LOL!


Video: Meek Milly Maybach Music Group

Posted the pic last leaked today, courtesy of World Star...


From The Vault: Brawl At The Palace

LMAO!!! With all the Carmelo talk, you have to wonder what happens to Ron Artest and his new role, if the Lakers pull the trigger.

Y'all remember this???


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