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Taylor Swift Covers Loose Yourself

Tips from Karmin???


New Music: Katy Perry - "Last Friday Night [Remix] (Feat. Missy Elliot)"


Why Google+ Might Be Better Than Twitter AND Facebook

Google+ has been growing rapidly for just over a month, and the tech heads are buzzing over it…and rightfully so, for a few reasons. While Google is still trying to feel their way around this new world, the network has built enough buzz to attract a reported 20 million visitors. That number may look big, but in the grand scheme…it's close to nothing. Facebook’s reports 750 million users and Twitter...200 million. Granted though, these networks have been around much longer. In this overcrowded social networking world, Google+ offers 5 unique features that are extremely user friendly with appeal levels through the roof. Without further adieu…

1. Circles

One of the most talked-about Google+ features (and for good reason) is Circles, the tool that allows you manage the people you follow and want to share updates with. With Circles, you can send status updates to select groups, rather than blasting it out to everyone. For example, I created a Circle just for friends of mine who love music, so I could share music videos that I have created or really enjoyed.

Facebook and Twitter do offer ways to share updates selectively but they’re not as fine-tuned. I can block updates from certain groups on Facebook but to actually configure that takes time. For Twitter, it’s all or nothing with your updates, as you can make your profile private or public, but nothing more fine-grained than that.

2. Hangouts

Another often-cited feature for Google+ is Hangouts, which let you video chat with up to 10 people at the same time for free. Every person you’re chatting with appears in a small box and whoever is speaking is in a large window on top.

While Facebook recently partnered with Skype to bring video chat to Facebook users, it only supports one-on-one video chat. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted that more features were coming down the pipeline, but right now Google+ is the champion of video chat. Twitter, unfortunately, does not have a video chat option.

3. Mobile capabilities

Google+ so far has released apps for Android and iOS, and both offer much to users on the go. Outside of the basic functionality like reading updates and watching videos, there’s also a mobile group chat feature called Huddles. Unlike apps from Facebook and Twitter, this allows you to chat with many friends at once to make plans or waste time.

While I think Twitter’s mobile presence is generally excellent, the limitations of the network’s core features hinder what can be done on mobile devices, and it doesn’t offer a comparable real-time group chat. Facebook’s mobile applications are fine for reading updates and sending messages, but it could use an overhaul to keep up with Google+.

4. Data downloading

Google+ is the first prominent network to offer the ability to download your personal data and updates easily. Google’s new Google Takeout service lets you download your saved data from Google’s servers. If you wanted to leave Google+ tomorrow, for example, you could easily download your status updates before checking out.

At this time, Facebook and Twitter offer no service as comprehensive and as easy. Facebook does offer a way to download your data but the tool to do so is basically hidden. The option to “Download Your Information” used to be prominently displayed in Account Settings but now there is a barely noticeable link for the same option.

5. Sparks

Sparks might be one of the most underutilized features in Google+. The feature lets you find content like articles and videos related to any topic you can think of. At the bottom of each piece of content is a Share button that makes it easy to show it to those in your circles.

It’s easy to miss the small “Sparks” link on the left side your Google+ stream and at first click, it seems like the feature is narrow. It highlights interests like Cycling, Fashion, Recipes, Sports cars, Android, and Robotics. But above the highlights is a search bar that pulls up anything you might want. I searched for “Harry Potter” and found entertaining blog posts published today and YouTube videos uploaded this week.

Both Facebook and Twitter don’t make it this easy to find and share content. Both competing networks make you stumble across content from someone else’s steam or look outside the network for new things to share.

Google only surrounds it's brand with genius minds, no doubt in my genius mind they are making strides toward social networking dominance. But they have to make sure they stay as innovative as possible, as I am sure they are aware they are being watched closely by the competition.

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HP Cuts Price Tag On Tablet

Hewlett Packard has made the executive decision to significantly cut the price of its TouchPad tablet that launched just a month ago; offering an instant rebate of $100 on its homepage. Rebates are available for both 16GB and 32GB models. Now the TouchPad tablets will be available for $400 and $500, respectively.

Pretty cool, right?

Stephen DeWitt, head of HPs' new WebOS business unit, reported one of the reasons for the discounts for the HP tablet is to build a TouchPad user base of sufficient size to make WebOS an attractive target for application developers. I feel like that is a very strategic move, being as though when the TouchPad first launched it was heavily criticized for its lack of compatible applications.

He also said there is speculation that a slow summer technology buying season with the availability of many other lower priced tablets from competitors, has pushed HP to put TouchPad on sale.

However, it is very unlikely HP will pursue further discounts as the cost for manufacturing the device, according to an analysis by IHS supply, which say the total Bill of Materials (BOM) for the 32-GB HP HTouchpad is $318.15. The BOM price for the 16GB model is $296.15. The prices include components, manufacturing costs, and packaging costs, according to the analysis.

Only time will tell…



Video: Kendrick Lamar's #Section80 In-Store Signing


Beyonce Announces NYC Show Dates

This month Beyoncé will perform her new album for four nights (no coincidence) at the Roseland Ballroom in New York.

Billed as
4 Intimate Nights with Beyoncé, the concerts will take place on August 14, 16, 18, and 19th. Tickets go on sale August 10th (Word to @BPain1) exclusively through Ticketmaster. Go get them!!!


DMX Opens Up To ABC 15

X, or Earl Simmons not really sure which one, sat down with Arizona's ABC 15 to discuss fatherhood, his fight against drug addiction, penning behind bars, and his legacy as a rap megastar…


New Music: @Myke_Kewl - "Hometown" (Feat. Adele)

Check out Platinum Heat Productions' own Myke Kewl's latest…"Hometown" featuring the ill Adele sample...

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Adam Levine (Maroon 5) Takes Legal Action Against Activision

Adam Levine of The Voice and Maroon 5 is suing Activision over his avatar image in the Band Hero video game.

In the game, a character using his likeness is used when a player reaches the band's hit single that we all know and love
She Will Be Loved. That's cool with Adam.

Here's what he's not cool with: the avatar could then later be used in other elements of the game, for example: during other songs.

The suit claims that the other songs "would not have been chosen by him for recordings or performances," as some of those performances use other people's voices, "including female voices." Adam filed the suit in a Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday, claiming fraudulent inducement, breach of contract, violation of common-law right of publicity, and unfair business acts or practices.

This is why top tier artists don't let their licensing go with Activision. They draw.


'The Amazing Spider-Man' SEQUEL Release Date Announced?!

The Amazing Spider-Man doesn't drop until next year, but Sony, being the work horse it is, has already set a release date for the movie's sequel.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be released on May 2, 2014.

Confident much?


Wait, What? "Butt Slasher?" #GottaChill

Sooo, this is the first time I'm hearing about this…and apparently it has been going on for months. The most bizarre shit ever. Dude cannot be serious…check the video, leave a comment! We would like to hear your views on this one for sure...


Columbiana [Trailer]

Zoe, have I ever told you I love you…for real.

Go see
Columbiana August 26th…smh, I'll be there.


Nicki Minaj To Voice For Next Ice Age Film

The Variety reported late last week, the rapper has joined the cast of the animated film, Ice Age: Continental Drift along with the likes of Queen Latifah, Jennifer Lopez, Drake and a boatload more. The 3D film is set to release July 13, 2012. Should be a smash…


'Watch The Throne' Tour [Trailer]

For those who haven't see the official Watch The Throne Tour trailer…


B.o.B. - "Beast Mode (LIVE From Hong Kong)" [Video]

Check BoB as he rips the stage…crowd goes wild, knows the words, but no clue how to speak English. #HowCrazyIsThat?