Friday, June 8, 2012

Frank Ocean Drops Jewel [LP Title & Date Video]

Frank Ocean. Channel Orange. July 7, 2012. That's all.


Ice Age: Continental Drift [Official Trailer]

Check out this trailer to the upcoming Ice Age: Continental Drift. We've been following the potential blockbuster, for a while now. Press play, and guess why...


Newer Music: Soulja Boy - "Snapbacks And Tattoos"

This is actually right up Soulja Boy's lane...word to Driicky Graham. I think you have a hit kid.


Expansion: Lincoln University (PA) Set To Launch Coatsville Campus

Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln...oh how you never cease to amaze the kid. Looks like we have some major moves in order at the FIRST Historically Black College/University. I hope this is more of a strategic power move and not a drastic mistake. Either way, we'll be watching...
Lincoln University says it's opening a second campus in Chester County.

The historically black institution will begin offering classes in Coatesville next year. The city is about 15 miles northeast of Lincoln's main campus in Oxford. University President Robert Jennings announced the move on Wednesday at an economic forum in Coatesville. Jennings says the Coatesville campus initially will house programs in nursing, business and entrepreneurship, and hotel, restaurant and tourism management.

Classes will be taught in a building currently used by the Coatesville school district for alternative education. The first classes are expected to be offered in January.

Acting City Manager Kirby Hudson says the campus could help revitalize downtown Coatesville. Lincoln is a state-related university serving about 2,500 undergraduate and graduate students.