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Named "Social Media Content Creator" for Translation

Been charged with the task of helping make some of your favorite brands look cool on some of your favorite social platforms. Get it?

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JP's Camera Roll

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"Straight Talk" with QuitaDe

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The audio interview segment designed to highlight today's most forward-thinking, power movers in varying industries.


The {Art}ist Label
The {Art}ist Label is an art-focused parent brand to several ventures that support the initiative. The {Art}ist Label Initiative is an effort to support art education among young people and to show the possibilities for careers in the arts.

Named "Social Media Strategist" for Raine Magazine

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The video interview series giving center stage to incomparable imprints and establishments, everywhere.

Grammy Family [Platinum Heat Remix]

2012 WIN Awards w/Chad Fain of People Like U$.

Myke Kewl "PxINTBRcSH"

Directed by Director Teddy X of TekhniLife

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Official Instagram of John A. Petty, III

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Official Tumblr of John A. Petty, III

Ciroc With Pizzle.



Behind The Jokes: Clint Coley

All Of The Lights [2012 Philly Remix]


Thank Me Later: Hip-Hop During The Drake Era

The Discourse

"The Discourse" is a series of roundtable discussions presented to you by Platinum Heat Productions and, designed to highlight the diverse perspectives of more controversial topics.

BeeBee Rodriquez "Bye, Bye My Love" (Feat. Michael F. Cannon)

Directed by Alex Allen of Spirit Media Group

Platinum Heat

Founded in 2006, Platinum Heat is an artist management, development, and consulting firm, offering additional services such as project management, publishing, artist branding and new commercial endeavors.