Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kick Game: Nike Air Foamposite "Obsidian" [Sample Detailed Look + Video]

Well, these are dope right? I wouldn't say look out for them, but I also wouldn't say not to!

You know NIKE, they don't give a damn about your pockets, so these may drop immediately following a Team Jordan release.


Kick Game: Nike Air Foamposite "Dr. Doom"

Like those? Go cop. All you need, RIGHT NOW, is $415 bones.

On eBay NOW!

Size 10.5. Pre-owned. Great condition. But let me chill, because is NOT getting a check here. Hahaha! Word to the homie SneakGeez


Jay-Z Slated For SXSW [Trailer]

Team will not be at SxSW this year. We can't make it. Sue us.

Dig this though, we're going to catch everything.

Well maybe not everything, but we'll at least see Jay.

He'll appear at the Austin, TX music festival as a solo artist for the first time, and you will be able to watch his performance live on YouTube. Kind of weird right?

Last year, Jigga joined forces with Kanye West at the G.O.O.D. Music showcase. Shared the stage with Common, Mos Def, Pusha T and Teyana Taylor. It was pretty damn dope. Rumor has it, Jay is bringing out a few bigwigs of his own.

Either way, be there, Monday, March 12 at 8pm.


Kanye West Storms Through Paris [Fashion Show - Video + Pics]

Yeezy Yeezy opened up the closet on them with his Fall 2012 women’s wear line yesterday at the Halle Freyssinet in Paris.

Oh, who was there? The usual. Diddy Kong + his 1, in Cassie. Common. Alicia Keys and her + 1, in Swizzy. Add Waka Flocka Flame.


GO VOTE: LINCOLN UNIVERSITY For Home Depot's Retool Your School

Click the image to vote Lincoln University

Not sure if our audience is aware, but both founders of are Lincoln University (PA) alum. It's only right...


It’s your turn to make your voice heard in helping select this year’s RETOOL YOUR SCHOOL campus improvement grant recipients.

You know how valuable our nation’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities are, and how much they have contributed to our country’s growth in so many ways. What could be more worthwhile than being part of helping preserve and improve some of America’s most historic campuses and landmarks?

This year, we’ve expanded the program. We are introducing a new $25,000 Campus Pride Grant for the school that shows the most initiative in promoting their proposals and garnering votes. We are also providing an additional $10,000 Tier II Grant. In all, we’ve increased the total grant funds available to $185,000.

Last year, we awarded grants totaling $150,000 to HBCUs. A $50,000 Tier I Grant went to Bethune-Cookman University to help upgrade their Student Center with wheelchair ramps and barrier-free automatic access doors in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Ten additional schools received $10,000 each for a variety of projects, from landscaping to lighting to irrigation.

During the first one hundred years of its existence, Lincoln graduated approximately 20 percent of the Black physicians and more than 10 percent of the Black attorneys in the United States. Its alumni have headed over 35 colleges and universities and scores of prominent churches. At least 10 of its alumni have served as United States ambassadors or mission chiefs. Many are federal, state and municipal judges, and several have served as mayors or city managers.



Who Is Joseph Kony? [#StopKony - Video]

Stupid Americans.

Stupid contributors.

Stupid, everybody.

Those were my initial thoughts as I addressed that more recently burning question. How could we, "the most intelligent group in the world," be so blind to blatant injustice? Was it because it wasn't happening in our OWN backyard? Was it because we place such little value on life, that we honestly couldn't care LESS if we tried?

The video below further explains the story of the infamous, #trending #topic, Joseph Kony. He currently serves as the leader of the Ugandan Lord's Resistance Army. For nearly 30 years, this group has successfully managed to terrorize and mislead central Africans.

Joseph Kony remains at large, and I feel YOU through the use of social tools such as Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, and the likes have the power to do something about this absurdity. Here's where you can start...

We have to do better.

I sincerely hope that you join Invisible Children in the fight to end the Joseph Kony wrath. We've accomplished great things together. Let's continue to do so here. I believe we can make the difference we wish to see.