Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Michael F. (@MichaelMileHigh)’s Not 2 Be F’d Wit Is A Classic

My thought is, it would be best to start this post off with a statement that resembles a disclaimer: Yes, is powered by Platinum Heat Productions. Yes, Michael F. is a Platinum Heat Productions artist. However, I can assure you, the existence of any predisposition is null. The thoughts that follow are genuine and sincere.

Now that that is behind us…

Throughout the duration of my tenure at both Platinum Heat Productions and I have maintained a level of integrity, respectively. Time, money and space is something that must essentially be earned, from the avant-garde level to the “I just started rapping/blogging (again) like a year ago-“ level. This is no fly-by-night, bullshit business. That is especially true with regard to the region we attempt to break. Philadelphia (including its surrounding area: New Jersey, New York, Delaware). Recently, I’ve read several articles criticizing the ways of the world we know. (If you care to know, check these: PSP, not Sony-related, a dissection) These outlooks are fair. It’s tough here. That has been well documented and verified. We have watched great artists emerge and fade away into an obscurity of which only Jesus Christ can get them out. With that, nothing is handed out. Everything here, is earned.

Michael Douglas better known as “F” has spent, what appears to the public, three years working on the topic at hand. His latest release, Not 2 Be F’d Wit, his first via Platinum Heat Productions is a well developed piece of art that is deserving of every listen, every download, every Google hit it receives. With 18 solid tracks, Michael F. delivers, as he possesses the lyrical ability to paint vivid pictorial framework. He manages to inadvertently have you viewing a foreign situation via his familiar point of view. It is my firm belief that this project marks the commencement of Michael F. as a complete artist. What makes this one a classic? The hunger, the pain, the desire, the disappointment, the relief, the ability, the potential, the loyalty, the persistence, the mold, the focus…it is all here. In this one project, the artist that is Michael F. channeled every one of those emotions, equally over a span of a mere 18 tracks.

In fear of sounding desperate or radical: this is it. This is the project you want to probe, criticize, dismiss, avoid, and overlook. This is the project that will resurface when the character of the artist is questioned and scrutinized. This project deserves. Here, he has earned the attention. Michael F. has effectively made his bold statement. He is Not. To. Be. F’d. With. Period.