Friday, December 16, 2011

Air Jordan 14 "Last Shot" *Release Reminder"

The Air Jordan 14 "last shot" will be releasing December 17th. They will also be releasing on select sites at midnight EST.

We previously posted an article about the "Last Shots" this is just a release reminder. See previous article for more details.

Retail: $160
Available at select JB retailers.

LeBron Zoom 9 "China" *Release Reminder*

Nike will release the LeBron Zoom 9 "China" tomorrow December 17th! The release is very limited. The shoe will also release on select sites at midnight EST! Get your $170 and get em while they last!

Kobes Wife, Vanessa Bryant Files For DIVORCE!!!

Kobe Bryant's wife, Vanessa Bryant is filing for a divorce. The two have been married for 10 1/2 years and Vanessa has had enough.

Vanessa stuck by Kobe in 2003 during his sexual assault scandal. But sources say she is fed up with his infidelity and is calling it quits. She suspects Kobe is cheating again. And a source also says that this last incident is the "straw that broke the camels back".

The couple do not have a PRENUP! This means Vanessa is entitled to half of the everything Kobe has established during the past 10 and a half years! She also is filing for spousal support, and wants Kobe to have joint custody of their 2 daughters (8 year old Natalia and 5 year old Giana). She is asking that Kobe have visitation rights of their children.

Vanessa signed the divorce papers December 1st, and Kobe replied on December 7, and agreed to pay spousal support.

Wonder how this will effect his performance this season Smh!

@FlashAmorosos I Hate Ni**as [Mixtape Download + Promo Video]

King Flash is back with the Star Enterprise family. The highly anticipated mixtape is now available for your listening pleasure. Today was a good day for Philly hip-hop right?

After the jump for more!

Common - "16 Bars" [Video]

You already know what the deal is. December 20th.



@GoGoMorrow - "Take This Love" [Video]

Check out the latest visual release from Philadelphia's own, GoGo Morrow! "Take This Love"

Directed by Sil 'Spike Jordan' Beyah || Edited by Isam Muhammad


The Breakfast Club Chops It Up With Yung Berg [Video]

I have to give it up to Yung Berg... He doesn't avoid a damn thing.


Bones (@BonesHR) - "Look So Good + What It Look Like (Feat. @HRGrit)" [Video]

Word to my HR familia. They work NON STOPPAGE over there. Check out the latest visual presentation from my main man, and flagship artist, Bones...

This one's for the LAAAAAAADIES!

I see you Vega.

Aye B...


D. Jones (@djones215) The Example [Mixtape Download]

Nobody works harder...and the bars are there. Download the tape, and thank us later.

#KickGame: Jordan Melo “Explosive Flight” [Video]

Very. Cool. Ad. The BTS video makes it cooler. The sneaker? Ehhh, it could be better...

Catch the BTS after the JUMPINGTON...

#KickGame: @SneakGeekz Update [Video]

Maaaaaaan.... Look what I found in my inbox today! Who's pumped for these releases?

Just in case you've been busy OR you're a fake sneakerhead: here are some release reminders >>>>

Nike Air Hurache BBall 2012 12.16.2011 TODAY!!!!

Air Jordan XIV (Last Shot) 12.17.2011

Nike Zoom KD IV (Nerf) 12.17.2011 PICTURED ABOVE!!!

Nike LeBron 9 (China) 12.17.2011

Nike Zoom Rookie 12.21.2011

Air Jordan XI (Concord) 12.23.2011

Jordan Fly Wade 2 12.25.2011

Nike Kobe VII Supreme 12.25.2011

Now, let's allow my main man SneakGeekz take us on a hunting adventure...


Robin Thicke Live On Leno [Video]

So, the smoothest on this side hit Leno last night... Killed his title track performance, of course. If you haven't already, go get Love After War.

Have you seen the official video?!

Directed by Hype Williams || Featuring Wifey + Baby Momma, Paula Patton

Quote from 2Dope...

When you can cast your wife and mother of your seed as the lead in your music video and she’s still badder (and more accomplished) than the typical “video vixens” we’re used to, you are a fucking winner.

Word to MWP


CASTING NOTICE!!! (via @IamAshleyJ) [Announcement]

Getting serious real quick...

Are you currently pregnant and your MOTHER is ALSO expecting?!

If this is your unique situation, a major cable network wants to document your lives! This docu-series will follow the exciting and dramatic journey of a mother and daughter who are pregnant at the same time. We want to share the amazing, the challenging, the funny, and the complicated moments in both of your lives; from the pregnancy through childbirth.

If both you and your mother are outgoing and open to sharing your stories on national television, please contact the casting team ASAP (our deadline is quickly approaching!) at:

Tell us why you should be part of this docu-series and explain what’s going on in your lives since you’ve both become pregnant. Also be sure to include your phone number, email address, and city and state where you reside! Applicants should be 18 years of age or older.

For More Info!

Twitter: @pregnantwithmom

Facebook: LIKE US!


Common Dissects "Raw (How You Like It)" [Video]

The Dreamer, The Believer drops this Tuesday. Make sure you support that man...

Previously visited...

Sense Dissects The Dreamer, The Believer

Sense Dissects "Sweet"


Jay-Z Speaks On Developing Artists [Video]

I've read a few articles in my time, aimed to slander the Jay-Z way of mentoring and grooming artists for success. Let's face it though, they've had some validity...and their relevance was everlasting. At least until J. Cole came through and SMASHED everything; holding down Billboard's #1 spot for a few weeks, Cole World reaching a golden pinnacle, along with two of his lead singles. Let's also face the fact that no one credits Jay-Z for the success of Kanye West. Although, Jay all-the-way put him one TEN years ago...when you didn't even know his name. See: The Blueprint.

Now serving as HEAD of RocNation, 360-degree entertainment company, serving a boatload of artists including Cole, Jay Electronica, Willow Smith and Bridget Kelly, to name a few, the spotlight is on deck. How does Shawn Corey feel? *looks at Jay, hands him the mic*

“I think running a label is a bit like having kids. When you know someone needs more help, you help them. When you see that someone can make it on their own … you see Kanye or J. Cole, you see that sort of talent — you let that talent be. You let that talent find its way.”


Watch The Throne Tour [BTS Ep. 2, 3, 4 & 5]

We are all probably aware that is the mastermind...or capitalist...however your preference to reference...behind the Watch The Throne Behind The Scenes visual recaps. Let bring you up to date on these last few...


Asher Roth - "Choices" (Feat. Action Bronson) [New Music]

I'm an Asher Roth fan, and with his move over to the house Russell and Rick built, I have great expectations of dude. Let's win Asher! Here is a good place to start...

And yes, that's really Action Bronson pictured next to Ash.


Chris Brown - "Strip" (Feat. Kevin McCall) [Video]

Ladies, you know what to do when you hear this jawn come on in the club...

...get out of there, fast, before all the thirsty dudes start expecting you to follow these instructions! Check out the visual.

- Directed by Colin Tilley -


@Wale - "Chain Music" [Video]

Shouts to Wale. #NoDaysOff Ever.

Cue that Mmmmmmm Maybach Music...

- Rik Cordero behind the lens -