Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthday Decree. by MisInterpret (@untypicalHER)

I don't want to mess this up too bad, so, no prelude or foreword...

Birthday Decree.
by MisInterpret

One day my daughter will laugh and it will cause every man in her future to fall short of their be comings.
her sound of joy will be that powerful ..
I will open my arms to accept this angel’s wing that fell from God’s hands
it must have slipped through the spaces in his fingers
but I think he released this on purpose.
My daughter, will be that smile made from my soul.
Carved from the center of my heart
we danced to the rhythm of her pulse before I even knew 9 months later we would finished this routine,
I asked God, to orchestrate a melody that resembled his voice and he gave me you..
My prayers never go unanswered so I will name your Faith..
He works in mysterious ways, He says, "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. "
So everytime I cry I know that I am closer to a clearer vision.
I am working on to establish a legacy that I could later pass on to my daughter.
Understanding that even when things fall apart the foundation will still stand strong so that she could build a nation
I call her Queen because royalty is undefined, and she is birthed from the one in the making,
derived from the earth, God will mold her into that of his liking
So even if she turns out to be the exact opposite of me
I will love her just the same.
I place expectations even before I conceive because we as people don't set them high enough for ourselves
So why would I give my child less than what is deserved.
I suppose this birthday wish is a few years early.
Currently paving the way so that when I'm ready,
I can place my life in her hands and say,
life was hard, but I did everything for you.
Happy Birthday.


@HoodHype x @9thWonderMusic [Video]

Word to 9th and the power moves he's making. He talks his label, documentary, and solo album.

HH via them


@Wale #Ambition Album Predicted to Sell 170-190k

As we all (Wale Fans) patiently waited for the infamous date of 11.1.11 it finally arrived yesterday, which was the release date for Wale's sophomore album "Ambition". The album's sales are predicted to be between 170-190k after the first full day of sales. Wale has been promoting his album hard, with tours, shows, guest appearances, homecoming concerts, 106 and park, ESPN First Take, and many more venues. Big ups to Wale, and it looks like his hard work will pay off!

Personally I did purchase the Album at Best Buy in south philly around 3p.m. (it goes hard #pause) and there were about 30 albums on the shelf. But I also noticed via twitter, and Wale's fans that numerous fans were complaining about the album being sold out in various cities. Maybe it was just early in the day, or South Philly is waiting for Meek lol.

Big Ups Wale and MMG keep workin

New Music: @RobinThicke - "Pretty Lil Heart" (Feat. Lil Wayne)

Robin is back in the lab, and of course he called him home slice up, Tunech. Don't they always come through? Love After War 11.27.



Pac Div The DiV [Tracklist]

After yesterday's NBA studded visual, the DiV drops the tracklist for...well, the DiV

@justinbieber "Otis" Freestyle [Video]

Justin Bieber isn't corny! Sue me again.

Word to Big Boy and his whole neighborhood.


New Music: @Tyga - "The Motto (Remix Verse)" [Download]

So, I guess it's only ok to call this a remix verse because their all label mates? Solid. Better for Tyga anyway, because I wasn't really feeling it. Sue me.



Lindsay Lohan Going to Jail Yet Again

Actress Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for a probation violation. Lohan acknowledged to the judge that she failed to complete the court ordered community service. This will be the actress’ fifth jail stint since 2007. However, she is not expected to serve the full length of time due to overcrowding. The unfortunate loser in this whole situation is Lindsay herself. She was once an in demand actress who could do no wrong. Now instead of her onscreen talents being praised, her off screen antics are being ridiculed. No one knows for sure if she will get her act together or not. One can only hope that she can redeem herself from all the negative publicity that she has garnered. We’ll all be watching.

New Music: @Common - "Sweet"

When The Dreamer, The Believer drops...smh, it's going to get Chi-Town cold. No ID, drop that...

Who do we trust?! Ha!


@TreySongz - "Top Of The World" [Video]

Premiered yesterday via 106th & Wale.


Just Some Food For Thought….

While watching ESPN’s First Take this afternoon, I noticed something quite strange. The panel was discussing and debating the demise of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian’s marriage. Opinionated analysts, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith came to a general consensus that the marriage was a publicity stunt in order to make money for both parties. Here is where the frustration lies for me. For those of you who do not watch this show, the analysts typically discuss the strengths and weaknesses of sports teams, not tabloid fodder. I understand that Kris Humphries is a professional basketball player but his personal life should not be addressed. Instead of discussing actual sports news, Bayless and Smith are wasting their time commenting on a non-famous NBA player and an infamous fame hungry reality star. For my own sanity, please keep the sports news and reality show news separate.

KICK GAME Air Jordan 11 "Concord" *New Images*

All im gonna say is....."Patiently Waiting"

Release: December 23, 2011
Retail: $180