Friday, January 18, 2013

@_CDiddy's 2012 WIN Awards - Part 3 of 4: Future Stars, Song and Speech of the Year [Video] in conjunction with People Like Us Media bring to you @_CDiddy's 2012 WIN Awards. Here, he discusses his nominees and choices for Hip-Hop's Future Stars, Song of the Year and Speech of the Year.

Wale and Jerry Seinfeld Collaboration

Wale. Jerry Seinfeld. Thanks to Wale's #Nothing mixtape series, this makes sense. I'll let Jerry explain.



The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Will Andre 3000 Ever Make Another Album? [Video]

Probably not YN. Nice try though.

Andre 3 stack is a legend. To this new breed of Hip-Hoppers, he's a ghost. A myth. We bring him up on these social networks and they take to Google. The selfish side of me screams "Ahn-Dray! Ahn-Dray! Out-Kast! Out-Kast!" but the logical me understand the 3k fade.

I think in order to make the music fans demand and expect over time, an artist's heart has to be in a project from start to finish. Without doubt. Also, in today's musical realm, if I'm Andre 3000, I'm not sure why I even consider dropping an album. There are factors I have to deal with. Real life factors, like 1. Time (I'm the new Jimi Hendrix... ... ...ya bish), 2. Money (who funds this project? Me? If so, is that how I'd like to spend my money?) and 3. Media Scrutiny (So, the same person or people practically BEGGING me to drop something is the same person or are the same people ready, willing and probably looking forward to ripping my shit apart? I'll pass. Thanks. Who needs a verse though?)

These factors are real and most likely exactly what every body's favorite ATLien is contemplating as I type this.

Hey Dre, sixteen is enough my brother.

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@MilanKCarter "You Can't Sing" [Comedic Skit]

You all remember Milan from a few posts back, right? Well, he's at it again with his comedy. This one is one for the books. I laughed. Out loud. At my desk. At work...

Let us know what you think.

I realized I'm passive aggressive and im not the only one. So this is about saying what you were really thinking in uncomfortable situations.


Fabolous' Sport

Loso Back?

Well, the first note I have is: you have to respect an artist like Fabolous. One major highlight of his career is the lack of a major artist co-sign. If you think that makes no difference, you're crazy. Let's remember his debut album, Ghetto Fabolous was released on September 11, 2001. That was a significant amount of time ago... Not to mention, another BK heavyweight dropped a pretty classic album that same day. Go ahead and try to provide a solid list of relevant artists that have lasted in this industry based on "artists grooming artists."

I'll be here...waiting...

It is also worth mentioning, since we're talking relevancy, that he's maintained such in a rather "irrelevant" period in Hip-Hop. For the past 10 years, we - as a culture - have been struggling to find a sound to genuinely label our own. "Copy and Paste" is how the prior generation refers to our "wave." And as demeaning or degrading as it may appear to be, it also appears to be the truth. We love ourselves some sample, heavy 808s, auto was cool, then uncool, now cool again? It's easy to get lost in this concrete jungle. Fabolous though, is consistent and excels in the lane he feels most comfortable. Say what you want about the Brooklyn-bred emcee, but let's not act like he hasn't provided some of the biggest original records this "copy and paste" generation has ever experienced.

HERE is where you head over to google, and search for Fabolous' chart smashing singles...

But since I'm on the topic, I'll help you out: "Can't Deny It" - R.I.P. Nate Dogg, "Young'n (Holla Back)," ""Trade It All," "This Is My Party," "Can't Let You Go," "Into You" - w/ Ashanti or Tamia, your pick, "Breathe," "Baby," "Make Me Better," "Throw It In the Bag," and "You Be Killin 'Em" add those countless feature verses and I think you have a career worth bolstering.

Check out Fabolous' latest release, off the upcoming Loso's Way II, "Ready" featuring Chris Brown...