Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Disney Not A Big Jack Sparrow Fan?

So, apparently the former Disney Chief Executive, Michael Eisner, wasn't a big fan of Johnny Depp's portrayal of Pirates of the Caribbean's main character, Jack Sparrow. Depp based the character off notorious Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards.

With a fourth installment due out 2011, there sure has been a little too much turmoil for comfort in the multi-billion dollar earning franchise. The breakdown:

  1. Dick Cook, Chairman of Walt Disney Studios, resigned last year. He's the one who convinced Depp to continue to play Sparrow, post mixed reviews after the first release. Some believed he was forced to resign after 38 years of service for poor results from earlier Disney movies.
  2. Bye, Bye Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly. They jumped ship after the third release, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. When a franchise tries a new cast, it almost never works.
  3. Director Gore Verbinski was initially interested in returning, but later left the project to direct a film adaption of the video game, Bioshock.

Filming reportedly just wrapped about a week ago. Although, I'm not the biggest Pirates fan, I'd be interested in seeing how the geniuses at Disney pull this one off.


Counterfeit Sneaks: US Homeland Security Takes STAND

If you are a "Sneaker Head" you know how toxic counterfeit sneaks can be! To know you may have stood in a line for hours, or waited months for a sneaker to drop; and that someone could have a copy of the same shoe looking practically, identical and maybe for half the price is devastating. Well Now the U.S. Homeland security is taking a stand and shutting down websites selling counterfeit sneakers.

Shoutout to kicksonfire.com for this info...check out the link for all the details, and a list of sites that have been shut down.


@PutABeatOn Presents: #WellTraveled

Just when you thought you had enough of the weekly song release marketing strategy...I drop this jewel on you via my homies over at PutABeatOn.com.

This project is more than a musical flood, it's deeper than rap (no pun intended), and it's just what the doctor ordered. This particular team works hard in producing quality music and looks to make their mark on various industries. Don't believe me check for yourself...

Week 1 Features:

  • PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® (CashKyle, Ralph Benjamin & Perry Ryan) - "Get Off" (Produced by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn®)
  • PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® (CashKyle, Ralph Benjamin & Perry Ryan) - "She Down" (Produced by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn®)
  • Perry Ryan - "Blowing Good Weed...Fucking Bad Bitches" (Produced by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn®)

Week 2 Features:

  • CashKyle & Ralph Benjamin - "Prominent" (Produced by Johnny Juliano)





Visit www.PutABeatOn.com today for more details on #WellTraveled and much more!

Follow The PaBo team:


Video: Drake - "Born To Be" [Documentary]


Video: Bugatti Boyz - Another One


Monday, November 29, 2010

Andre Johnson / Cortland Finnegan Fight UPDATE

So this just in...the players will only be fined 25k for the fight. Do your research because other players have been fined more for tackles. But fighting is ugly for the NFL, surprised suspensions were not handed out. What do you think?

Andre Johnson / Cortland Finnegan Fight

With the League handing out husky fines for helmet to head contact, i wonder what they do about FIST TO HEAD contact, we will see soon after this incident that occurred Sunday in the Texans VS Titans game.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Video: Michael Jackson - Rock With You (A Cappella Cover)

How crazy is this?

No Music. All Vocals.

They kill this.

#BigUps JD for the pick.


Stuntin Like My Daddy?

Who knows who Marcus Jordan is?

Well, I'm sure you all know who Michael Jordan is...Marcus is one of his two sons. Both talented basketball players, but even given the unfair genetic advantage, they are far from great. They have both been known to perform at sub-par levels and sporadically show signs of greatness. But then again, doesn't every player in every sport show some sign of greatness?

Moving right along...

Marcus Jordan, the younger of the pair has improved drastically over the past two years in his starting shooting guard position at University of Central Florida, clocking in a game high 28 points on 8-11 shooting night from the field (5-7 from behind the 3) opening night this season against the University of West Florida.

The video below may attest to his strides toward a potential shot at the NBA.

Watch and Discuss.


11/24: A Picture's Worth

#BigUps @Phillyscreen for the leak.

Check out http://www.phillyscreen.com/ for all of your silkscreening and embroidery needs.

This picture speaks volumes of todays society and our priorities. Just my opinion, but I would love to hear your thoughts on this...


Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Fan Up" Miami?! Huh?

Huh? I don't get it...

Miami, get it together over there. Real Rap. You're embarrassing the NBA.


Video: Jesse McCartney - Shake

Jesse McCartney is my homie. I have a list of the coolest white boys roaming out here, he's top 5 no doubt. This new video proves it.

Look out for the album Have It All, to be releases December 28, 2010.

#BigUps Money for leak.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Video: GLEE! Umbrella + Singin In The Rain

Did they kill that or what?! LoL.



Swizz Beatz Reebok Sneakers

Swizzy is on his "no days off" grind as of late. A new family and a heated ex-wife can do that for you.

A few months ago, he announced that he was on Team Aston Martin and would be assisting engineers design a FEW models. That's exciting, especially for the Hip-Hop world. You know everybody drives/owns one of their own...

Moment of silence for the #DEAD.

Moving on...

Swizz has teamed up with the athletic footwear department over at Reebok to leave his mark on a collaborative design. Check them out. Tell me what you think of these...



Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Associated Press Interviews Jay-Z

The Associated Press: Why did you decide on this kind of book rather than a traditional autobiography?

Jay-Z: I wanted to tell the story of a generation. Through my story, I'm telling the story of a generation of kids, and we grew up in one of the worst eras ever. ... Just to tell the story of my generation through music, and through that give a deeper understanding to rap lyrics and to make the case that rap is poetry. ... Maybe there is other layers and meanings and things to be decoded in songs.

AP: What were the challenges of putting "Decoded" together?

Jay-Z: The hardest problem was getting the lyrics right, 'cause I don't write them down, so, we had to find them somewhere, and a lot of those songs I forgot. So I had to listen to them again and then look at the lyrics and then say, "No, that's wrong." So the hardest part was really getting the lyrics right.

AP: What was it like going back through songs you hadn't visited in a while?

Jay-Z: That was fun. It was almost like looking at an old photo album, like going back through those emotions and feelings. Looking at this song was like looking at me with a high-top and the four-finger ring.

AP: You discuss the assault charge you faced early in your career (he received probation). What are your thoughts on stars like Lil Wayne and T.I. who have fallen into those situations?

Jay-Z: The same sort of thing almost happened to me, and I pride myself on being a disciplined person. I was looking out for that sort of thing. I was trying to avoid it, and it still happened to me, so it just goes to show how difficult it is. Once you become a so-called celebrity, your life or your decisions don't stop. You have to make smarter decisions, because you've grown up living your life a certain way. Most people grow up and just smoke weed. ... You just smoke weed and think, "OK, I'll keep weed in my pocket." Now that you're a celebrity it's a whole different sort of thing. ... Celebrities need to be conscious and know who they are, because the same choices they made as a civilian will cost them years as a celebrity.

AP: What do you make of President Obama's recent struggles?

Jay-Z: I believe the same thing about Barack that I believed at day one. What he represents is bigger than any political agenda that he can pass across the House, Senate or whatever. I think that right now he's going through a difficult period because people are putting the last eight years on his table and they're judging him by it. You can't expect a man to clean up eight years of mess in two years; it's just bad math. It's impossible.

AP: You talk in the book about how you agreed with what Kanye West had to say about President Bush, but Kanye recently apologized for saying Bush didn't care about black people during Hurricane Katrina. What are your thoughts on that?

Jay-Z: I think what Kanye went through was, he himself became that, over the Taylor Swift incident. People said he was racist. And he's not a racist person, so it made him reflect on the comments that he made. But I 100 percent agreed with the comments that he made, because again ... it felt like it was being done to black people. Like all you saw on the news was black people on the news with help signs and all this stuff, and then you have this picture of the commander in chief, who we all rely on, just flying by. It's like, What is that? ... If that had happened anywhere else besides New Orleans, would the response (have) been so slow? Would Bush (have) been on the ground? You have to ask these sort of questions. Just the fact that he thinks that the worst thing that happened to him is Kanye saying something about him. Like, what? That alone shows you where his mind is. Are you kidding me?

#BigUps AP.

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NYPL x Jay-Z x Cornel West

In conjunction with the release of his first book, Decoded, Jay-Z was the guest of honor at last night's edition of the Live at the NYPL series. Co-hosts Cornel West and NYPL director Paul Holdengräber were really excited, so they'd often gush and ramble, sometimes about the contents of Decoded but often about some other, tangentially related issue (at one point, West really went after Oprah). Seeing Holdengräber, who admittedly had not heard Jay-Z's music until three weeks ago, be that genuinely enthusiastic was particularly entertaining, especially because his Belgian accent seemed to amuse Jay. And in between all that, Jay-Z told some great stories.

Read The Stories HERE.

Watch the video, in it's entirety: HERE.


Mike. Vick.

So last night, November 15, 2010, The Washington Redskins hosted The Philadelphia Eagles.

After this summer's off season move, and this season's 1st bout between the two rival franchises...which left Eagles fans quiet and praying for a fast Michael Vick recovery...this week's Monday Night Football match up was "highly anticipated," to say the least.

With a high string offense led by Vick, and an overly assertive and aggressive defense, the Eagles jumped out to a quick 35 - zip lead on the Skins. As Washington fans spent more time at the concession stands and OFF of their Twitter accounts, the match shaped up to be one of the more disappointing MNF competitions of the "middle aged" season.

The Philadelphia Eagles broke record after record. And seemingly, as they trampled the likes of a "slower than DeSean" Laron Landry, an overweight, underachieving Albert Hainesworth, and a newly extended Donovan McNabb (5 years/$78 million...$40 million guaranteed), the ongoing Michael Vick chatter and doubt faded away...almost as quickly as he scrambled in and out of the pocket, connecting to Jason Avant after a 7 second "QB wait time," to extend the 3rd quarter lead, 52 - 21.

As a matter of fact, The Philadelphia Daily News plastered Mike on this morning's front cover and titled his article "VICKTIMIZATION." I find that ironic. These are the same media SLUNTS who, bashed and questioned Andy Reid for recommending the signing just two years ago. I guess, when you win...you win.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Bow Wow...No "Lil"



Where do I start here?

You can't get in front of the camera and say "I never wanted to be LiL Bow Wow. I never wanted to be that nigga. Ever." JD molded you into that character this, I was real hip-hop that, cursing and shit at the age of 7...blah. blah. blizzah. And in the same breath go on to say you feel like you've been disrespected by Hip-Hop media titans like XXL Magazine, because you haven't graced a cover of theirs yet, and you think that's some bogus shit because you've managed to sell 10 million+ records and sell out Madison Square Garden six times.

I have a problem with this, for a few reasons.

Reason #1: Anybody who knows me or, follows me on twitter, is aware that I admire JD. His hustle. His management style. Not so much his raps, but he is definitely about his business. He made you Shad. I live by "never bite the hand that feeds you," and so far you've done that too many times for my liking.

Reason #2: Ummm, the only reason you sold that many records is because you. were. LIL bow wow. You think the little girls and parents that purchased your shit, would have copped 10 million records of you dropping "fuck this" and "bitch that" every other bar? Hell no.

Reason #3: "Holiday Jams" and "Scream Tours" where you have to share the stage with 5, possibly 6, different acts JUST LIKE YOURSELF, does not count as "selling out The Garden." Granite, you may have headlined a few of them...and I do mean a few...you haven't earned the right to say that YOU, alone, sold it out. Because YOU did not. Aside from Breezy, you, B2k, and whoever else who has faded into obscurity from that era, in addition to the push from media locomotive Clear Channel, sold the Garden out collectively.

If you want to know about selling the Garden out, check Elton John, Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, and Eminem. They sell out The Garden.

I'm done. Stop pissin me off Bow.


Video: Andre Iguodala Makes Brian Cardinal Famous

Damn Iggy. Now if you could only help us collect some wins. At the moment, The Philadelphia 76ers hold a horrid 2-8 record tied with the Toronto Raptors and occupying the fourth seat in our Atlantic Division standings. We managed to scramble up a BIG win against the Indiana Pacers back on 11/03/2010, and a fourth quarter "nail-biter" 11/07/2010 at Madison Square Garden's Knicks.

Sixers wrap up a 5-game road trip tomorrow night against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Let us pray...


Video: Jazmine Sullivan - 10 Seconds

Jazmine Sullivan
"Love Me Back" IN STORES 11/30/2010

Go get it, guaranteed to be a classic.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Gwyneth Paltrow Covers Cee-Lo

Watch exclusive clip HERE!

I'm a fan of all 3 involved.

Episode airs next Tuesday at 8pm. Check your local listings.


Rajon Rondo Takes Flight vs. Miami

I liked Rajon Rondo back during his high school watch. I can credit SLAM for the first look introduction. Usually, when the bandwagon-ers make their way in though, I find the closest exit. After this...I'm going to have to reconsider this philosphy.

#BigUps @jose3030.


Video: KB24 x Jimmy Kimmel x COD: Black Ops

I saw this commercial last night during the Celtics/Heat game. I thought it was fly. How do y'all feel about it?


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Video: Young CHRIS - Philly

#BigUps Young C.


Yeezy SNAPS On The Today Show!

In classic Kanye West fashion. I'll let this, speak for itself.


Keri Hilson "No Boys Allowed" Album Cover

So, what do y'all think? Release slated for December 21, 2010.


Wal*Mart: #BlackFriday

I remember last year, Walmart had each location set up with amusement park-style barricades to help ensure crowd control. And believe me, they were packed. As a minority owner, I actually had a say in the organization of the Black Friday sale approach...and as a minority owner again this year, I encourage you all to shop at Walmart THIS Black Friday. Seriously.

In fact, I'm so serious, I will make sure you don't even have to leave your crib! Yes, shop online exclusively at walmart.com and your shipping fees will be waived...no minimum purchase. And with over 60,000 items eligible, you won't even mind spending that shipping cost on the newly offered Apple iPad and iPods. Don't believe me?

Read this PRESS RELEASE and thank me later.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's About That Time

In a few weeks, we'll be bringing in the year 2011. With that, when I turn on Power 99 or even Q102 (word to @whoisblee), there are a few artists, I just don't want to hear anymore. This is not a form of disrespect. I have the utmost respect for the following individuals as artists and musicians. And I can honestly say that I was a fan of their product at one point in time. However, enough is enough. I cannot and refuse to speak for the masses here, but...real rap...your fifteen minutes were up four hours ago. I'm going to take this time to focus on 3 of them.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oprah Interviews Jackson Family

#BigUps VladTV.com for the love!


Thanksgiving Bowling Drive

And for the 100th post...

Chyna, you better KNOW I love you.


New Beginning for Randy Moss

Randy Moss will play for his 3rd team this season. There is a lot of excitement in the Tennessee locker room due to the acquisition of Moss. The Titans claimed Moss off of waivers; the only team that entered a claim. Moss will premiere in the Titans up coming game vs the Miami Dolphins. It would seem Moss has a lot to prove, we'll see soon.

Video Link of Coach Fishers interview on claiming Moss off waivers

Monday, November 8, 2010

Photo: Rihanna Vault

#BigUps CelebritySchoolPics.com for the leak...




Clip: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Official (HD)

"Kill Harry Potter"

Money is a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so I figured if she somehow finds time to visit the site today or whenever...she could at least peep something she's remotely interested in...


Who's going to see it opening night?


A Picture's Worth: Reflection

How crazy is this?


Comcast + NBC = Higher Bill For You!?

Ok, something doesn't add up here.

Let me provide you the breakdown:
The Comcast Corporation's purchase of NBC Universal (acquisition valued at $28 Billion) could and probably WOULD add at least $2.4 billion to consumers’ television bills over 9 years The American Cable Association (Pittsburgh-based group that represents over 900 small- and medium-sized cable companies) reports that the merger itself would grant the conglomerate power to raise prices for NBC programming, and charge more in markets where it has a regional sports network.

"The Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department are weighing the proposed $28 billion deal, which would give Comcast, the largest U.S. cable company, control of the NBC television network, broadcast stations, cable channels such as MSNBC and USA Network and a movie studio."

ACA would ideally want regulators to restrict Comcast from selling NBC TV station signals or its nine regional sports networks in a bundle with national cable channels it would own such as Bravo and USA. It also has asked for binding arbitration in fee disputes.

I'm thinking right now, I'm glad to be a DIRECTV customer. OR am I? I wonder if this means, if this deal does indeed go through, will I be without Bravo and USA? NBC airs plenty of NFL games. Will regular season Sixers tickets increase because the deal might actualize, but not under the circumstances in which Comcast has proposed? They have to make up that $2.4 Billion somewhere. I guess we will just have to wait this one out and pray that the RICH don't get RICHER right???

One thing is for sure. I will be watching Comcast closely.


Video: Rick Ross ft. Gucci Mane - MC Hammer



Friday, November 5, 2010

11/19: Just Be There

Well, I think that pretty much answered any questions you may have had.

#BigUps to my twiggas
@ishandmar_MAR, @ishandmar_Ish, and @monstarzcee.


Chrisette Michele Mixtape

It's entitled: "LOVE THY BROTHER" I like it so far, but then again I like Chrisette Michele. If you want to check it out for yourself...

HERE and thank me later.


Jumpman: New Carmelo Commercial

I think this is some fly sh!t...let me know what y'all think.



A Picture's Worth: Free Weezy Huh?

#BigUps to my homeslice @djrtodaizza for the twitpic.
This might actually warrant an article in the nearer future.

CMB: Cash Money Books???

Too much money. Period.

Jeffrey Trachtenberg of the Wall Street Journal reports Ronald and Bryan Williams heads of Cash Money Records, "are turning their attention to the book business."

Look for the Cash Money Content imprint which will include selling books at concerts and holding red-carpet launch parties for various authors. "Cash Money Content has an agreement with the Atria Books imprint of CBS Corp.'s Simon & Schuster to market and distribute the books. The Williams brothers, whose music label is distributed by Vivendi SA's Universal Music Group, will own the books."

I can see it now. Authors will be at concerts and artists will be at book launch parties and signings. Cash Money/Young Money have one of the most loyal fan bases of all time. As long as Cash Money leads, they will follow.

I need to inherit this grind. I will.

#BigUps to
my partners at www.PutABeatOn.com for the leak!


Michigan: No Loko Four You

Stores are being given 30 days to get the product off of their shelves.

The decision came down Wednesday from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission. One would think liquor stores would be angered at the decision but they know clones of the product will appear soon enough to replace the now legendary Four Loko.

#BigUps to DJ Vlad and Vlad.com


Is Shyne Back?

A while ago, I thought Shyne was dope and had potential to be Top 10 MC material.

I came across this...

What do you think?

I'll reserve judgement.



I know my New York homies didn't think I was going to let them get away with this one! LoL. The world renown Madison Square Garden was apparently flooded with asbestos. Yup, asbestos.

Fallen debris at Madison Square Garden led to the postponement of a scheduled Tuesday, November 2, 2010 Knicks' game, leaving MSG in a state of limbo. The closure seems likely to be brief, however. Inspectors for the city's Department of Environmental Protection visited the arena and concluded that no asbestos had been released when materials in the Garden attic were knocked loose during overnight maintenance.


Completely and utterly disgusting. Clean yourselves up.


T-Mobile Firing Shots at AT & T

I love how T-Mobile "borrowed" Apple's "I'm A PC" ad campaign to rain on original iPhone partner, AT&T and their "obsolete" 3G capability.

I'm sure whoever came up with this idea is safe in the T-Mobile organization. I wish I could've been at that meeting.


You REALLY Can't Touch This

So, I was on my "sabbatical" when MC Hammer decided to do this to himself and his career...or whatever is left of it.

I asked my man about it, and he told me that after he saw this, he deleted his Twitter and his Facebook accounts, and he's not getting back on until he has a team to manage his accounts. LoL. I guess this could make you do that.

Hammer used to be my favorite rapper. All I could think when I saw this was...this would go perfect with my next BIG article..y'all gotta wait for that.

What were your thoughts?


Jay-Z: Black Republican? Still?

Do you all remember the Nas & Jay-Z classic, "Black Republican?"

Honestly, it could have been straight garbage lyrically, and still have been a classic. The streets were waiting for that collaboration, after what was arguably the dopest bar-for-bar rap battle of all (of my life-) time.

I digress though...

Jay was reported to be making a move into politics in the upcoming 2012 Presidential election.

Deputy White House Press Secretary William Burton told the New York Post that he might be officially joining the Obama campaign team in 2012:

The brains behind President Obama’s 2008 election campaign are already strategizing how to re-energize the youth and minority vote for 2012. Their answer: partner with Jay-Z. “I can’t believe you’ve finally heard the chatter about him replacing Larry Summers,” Deputy White House Press Secretary William Burton told us. “In all seriousness, keep in mind he was pretty active during the 2008 election, so I don’t think it’d surprise anyone that he would be involved again. But it’s a little premature.” An insider says strategists feel comfortable with Jay-Z because he’s a respectable celebrity who can reignite their message of hope.”

Since Tuesday's disappointing midterm elections, America's "Dark Knight" might really have to call up ALL of his connects to pull off any miracles in 2012.

No worries though, I'm sure the young, influential POWER MOVERS on the local levels will pull together to encourage the democratic vote. Right?