Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NBA: The Bulls Interested in Pau Gasol

The Bulls seem to have come to grips with the fact that, it's unlikely they will snatch up Dwight Howard. So they have focused on Lakers' PF Pau Gasol.

The Lakers are not really interested in the players the Bulls have to offer. With that being said, Chicago will have to add in a third team in order to make a trade offer that would interest the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are accepting offers for Gasol. So we will see what happens.

NBA TRADE: Monta Ellis Is Headed to the Bucks!

Monta Ellis has been in trade rumors since the end of last year. He is a great scorer and has been posting career numbers. He is easily one of the top shooting guards in the league, but is on the underachieving Warriors. It seems that Golden State went to get some size in this deal. They acquired Andrew Bogut, and Stephen Jackson in the deal. The Warrios gave up Kwame Brown, anf Elke Udoh, along with Ellis.