Thursday, November 10, 2011

B.o.B. Sits Down With The Morning Riot [Video]

Look what the Windy City blew in...(do I have to pause that?)

B.o.B. sat down with WGCI's Morning Riot. Topics of discussion, Heavy D, Strange Clouds, and his upcoming mixtape...

It's going to be EPIC.


@ILLAFLOW x @Bsb_corleone1 x @BsbDeNiro - #FinalsFreestyle [Download]

I literally, JUST got this... The new music is rolling in. Keep it coming.

Word to ILLA.



@PeopleLikeUs_ Compilation Documentary [Video + New Music]

There is some REAL heat brewing in this camp. I can co-sign this. These kids work hard. Look out for this compilation...coming next Wednesday, November 16th. YES. WILL have it...

As a matter of fact in the meantime, take these two...

AL 1Thing - "I'ma Boss"

Donte Millsip x AL 1Thing x Dana Black - "Donnie Clurkin"


Victim by @Jus_Ree87

As always, no words, let's just get into this...

by Sherice Holliman

She looks to the skies believing that the sunlight was God's way of saying
She would be alright.
Even though she wasn't religious,
Her relationship with God was steady.
All the while hoping for better days
Because her relationship with her man was unhealthy.
Domestic abuse,
But she advocated for victims of violence
Opened possibilities for young girls to get out
When she herself gave up trying
Preaching all day to battered women
Telling them there is hope
To go home and be ridiculed for the words she spoke.
Unwrap her garments, bathe and soak
Only to be interrupted by the nagging of her man
One who's suppose to provide and protect
Instead he degrades and neglects
She holds on to the pictures of the past
Praying for those days to return
Until she is thrown on her back
Cursed for being wet
Spit on
Hit on
Until she correctly arches her back
Slapped for gagging
Choked for grabbing
And punched because he "came" 2min flat
This cycle repeats
She continues to preach
Until she gains enough courage to realize
She is the victim she needs to reach!!!

To contact Sherice, hit her twitter HERE, or drop her a comment in the C-Section below...