Sunday, October 21, 2012

Food for Thought: Whitney Houston’s Family

When Whitney Houston died earlier this year, her family and fans alike were devastated. After the singer’s untimely death, word spread that Houston’s family would do a reality show. Many people were not supportive of their decision including myself. What good could come from a show centering on Houston’s family? After all, the media and the public built up Houston’s image and then ridiculed her once she went through her troubled times. The same should be expected once Houston’s relatives appear on television. Once they invite those camera crews into their homes, they cannot control what will be filmed. My suggestion is that they should remember Houston as the gifted singer and beautiful sister, mother and daughter she was instead of proving to the public that her flawed character was a thing of the past. 

Rihanna & Chris Brown Saga Continues…..

We have all heard about Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together. Is anyone really surprised by the news? Although Rihanna has been dated multiple celebrities, the public consensus was that her heart still pined for Brown. Chris also seemed to be in a serious relationship with his former girlfriend Karrueche but he released a public statement indicating that they were no longer together. What is the fascination with the two singers? Is it because their relationship could be considered toxic and harmful? Is it because the two stars are young and popular singers that love being in the spotlight? Rihanna’s talent is mediocre at best. Her career is made off of reinventing herself and singing catchy pop tunes while acting out in a bizarre manner. Her association with Chris Brown may be the most fascinating thing about her. On the other hand, Brown has a substantial talent but many people still seem him as an individual who is really violent and has a really bad temper. Only time will tell if the two of the together does more harm than good or vice versa.