Monday, June 25, 2012

World News: Uganda Landslides Wreck Shop


The Associated Press reports...officials say landslides caused by torrential rains have destroyed three villages in eastern Uganda, killing few but injuring hundreds.

Disaster Preparedness Minister Stephen Mallinga, stated this morning that it was too early to provide an accurate count of those killed in the landslides. David Wakikona, a Bududa district lawmaker, described the situation as "terrible" and said hundreds were likely killed when mud flowed downhill Monday afternoon.
Wakikona said at least 300 people lived in the affected villages and that most people were indoors when massive blocks of mud and rocks began to roll down hills denuded of vegetation.

Landslides are a common occurrence in the hilly areas of eastern Uganda, but there has been local resistance to government efforts to relocate the most vulnerable people to a safer place.


From The Vault: He's The King, I'm The DJ [Mixtape]



So, my home slice Cory Townes reminded me about this tape just a few moments ago via Twitter...

R.I.P. to the King of Pop.


Kelis Speaks On Nas' Life Is Good Album Cover [Video]


Just in case you're wondering why she might care...we posted Nas' insight on it, now take the Kelis point of view. Sucks man. I thought this couple was GREAT for Hip-Hop/Pop Culture. Oh well...

Life Is Good. July 17th.

Word to NME

For those who may have miss this album promo...


From The Vault: The Breakfast Club x Diamond [Video Interview]

I know after that Lil' Scrappy interview, the LIVEST AUDIENCE IN THE WORLD (106th & Park reference, you'll get it after you watch the interview below), wants to see what Diamond had to say to The Breakfast Club when she came through last November...


Have You Seen: Rick Ross - "So Sophisticated" (Feat. Meek Mill) [Video]


How sophisticated are you? Really? Meek Mill and Rick Ross get soooooo sophisticated. God Forgives, I Don’t. July 31. Self-Made Vol. 2, hit shelves TOMORROW.

Directed by Dre Films


The Breakfast Club x Lil Scrappy [Video Interveiw]


It's Lil' Scrappy ho! *that's in his own voice* He stopped by our favorite morning crew at Power 105. Scrap discussed his mom, N*ggas in Australia (we're off Paris), "relations" with Diamond, formerly of Crime Mobb and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta...

Press Play.