Friday, December 3, 2010


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"Kid Cudi isn't a fan of technology. He says that he lost control of his thoughts because of Twitter. It also destroyed his mystique. Needless to say, he deleted his account in September 2009."

...A direct quote from XXL's October 2010 issue.

I thought deeply about what Cudders had to say about and thought about the latest wave in social networking and current media giant, Twitter.

Anytime a man-made social platform can cause one to even think they've lost control of their's only a matter of time before the platform is created to force someone to think they've lost complete control of their actions and even their identity. Am I right? The more and more I think about Twitter and the power we've given it (and it's predecessors), I start to fear future, similar media beefed social networks. One has the potential to launch it's beta and wreck shop on this fickle world.

I use Twitter, regularly. As a matter of fact, I feel like now is the perfect time for a shameless, yeah, follow me: @JPizzle3. You probably use Twitter too. Shit, the traffic source statistics of this site reads: you, most likely, first learned about my posts via my automatically generated update. But, as with everything, Twitter has its limits...

I originally learned about Twitter through one of Soulja Boy's many youtube webisodes a few years back. My roommate, @Oc1obers0wn, and I watched and listened as he brushed through his advertising avenues, citing various online sites...Twitter was, and I quote, a "sidebar" to Myspace, youtube, and facebook. Boy have we come a long way....

It's huge when celebrities pledge to "quit" Twitter to raise money for a charity or cause (See: Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian). How does that work exactly? As I #kanyeshrug that question off, I develop a thought which so happens to relate to a lyric or picture I have access to, and I get my tweet on.

Seriously, I publish this post, to make a point. Every thought you have is fine right where it is, when you have it initially. No need to make it known that, @IOnlyFollowCelebrities had this thought, this day, at this time. Half your thoughts are lame anyway (wait, before you get upset and all "I'm through with this blog," it's been scientifically proven), because if they weren't you would probably feel more protective of we are our bodies (well...) and our relationships (uh, well again...).

Whatever happened to diaries and journals? Here's what you do: after you read this...drop your mobile device, make your second grade teacher proud, and go write something down. Now excuse me, I have to charge my phone. This damn Twitter app uses too much of my battery.

SCREAM @JPizzle!!!

Video: Keri Hilson - Pretty Girl Rock

I just watched this on 106th & Park and thought it was really hot. #BigUps Keri...this is classic. Way to pay homage to the ladies in the game that paved the way for you. Now hopefully, they don't misinterpret this, and throw shots your way. Although, I like you over Diana Ross in a 2011 R&B battle.