Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sex In "Twilight: Breaking Dawn???"

Attention Twilight Saga fans! Now, this picture - leaked directly from the Twilight: Breaking Dawn set - means little to nothing to me...and probably whoever else that doesn't follow the million dollar grossing, vampire versus human versus werewolf (lost me) series. But to you true, Team Edward/Team Jacob fans...this still shot means the world.

MTV reports, film director, Bill Condon, twitpic-ed this last week. What a way to drop a hint and raise interest level in the already highly anticipated 3rd segment. Apparently, there has been a "what seems like forever" courting period between main characters, Edward and Bella. The novel, I was told, actually depicts some hot, steamy romance between the two. This could be interesting. Traditionally the film is rated "PG," making it family friendly and appropriate for even adolescents. This could change everything. I guess, time will tell.

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