Friday, October 22, 2010

Paranormal Activity 2

I swear the first one was the scariest shit I've seen since "IT," when I was younger. By the time I grew enough cojones to watch that movie again IT was utterly disappointing. That is not the case with Paranormal Activity though. I didn't even want to leave the theatre after the credits rolled. To go back home? Couldn't have paid me enough to sleep well that night.

But now we're back at it with a second installment. The 1st movie was low budget and grossed $100 million. That grants a second and possibly a third (hint, hint). I plan on seeing it this weekend. If you seen part 2, drop me a review in the comment box...


November 2010 GQ Cover

I'm a subscriber...I think you should subscribe too, if you don't already. But this "racy" November 2010 GQ cover, featuring select GLEE cast members, Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, and Cory Monteith, is stirring up quite a bit of controversy. Apparently the Parent's Television Council spoke against the cover, claiming it promotes borderline "pedophilia!"

Their argument is GQ is primarily a men's magazine (GQ = Gentleman's Quarterly), and their photo shoot "sexualizes" (is that a word?) these actresses that portray high school-aged characters...hence promoting elevated sexual feelings and views toward the girls.

Now I watch GLEE (don't judge me - WITH my mom and my girlfriend!), I don't think the show, cast, writers, or the magazine deserve this negative attention. Straight out of the gate, GLEE and GQ both are notorious for making BOLD, controversial statements via their respective avenues.

How about the Parent's Television Council should evaluate ABC Family's prime time line-up. I'm not comfortable with my 13-year old sister watching that nonsense.

Who sits on this "council," anyway??? My advice, get a real job. No, mine isn't hiring, but I know of this McDonald's...

What do you all think about the cover?


Decoded: Jay-Z's Scavenger Hunt

Remember when I told you about Jay-Z getting "back to business?" Well, Thursday, October 21, 2010, the madness began. The first page of Decoded, an innovative project that Jay has partnered with decision engine to realize, was released in Miami. The lyrics to Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin" was projected from the bottom of a pool. Eric Hand, General Manager, had this to say...

“We took all the pages from Jay's book and put them
out into the world. So for the next 30 days pages will be released, decisions
will be made and you can decode those pages through clues on”

#BigUps HipHopWired.