Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The Mature Gamer,

Greetings Everyone! I would like to introduce myself, I am TheMatureGamer aka KenpachiExodia on Xbox Live and Playstation Network. Add me if you like and just mention where you are from so I know who I just killed in Halo or SPDed in Super Street Fighter IV. As we are expanding the brand of Scream@Me, we are also expanding some of the offerings we have on the site. The newest section for Video Games will be under my supervision. I intend to update you regularly on current releases, general reviews, suggestions for every type of gamer, and simple tips to help save money. With Gaming becoming one of the major sources of entertainment in this world today, we find that it is necessary to keep our audience informed as possible. This section will be organic like the site and constantly evolve as we see fit. With that being said, Good Luck Good Gaming and Scream@Me.

Philadelphia Bookbag Fire?!

Locals witnessed heavy smoke rising from the grates on the sidewalks above the subway line at the Girard station in North Philadelphia shortly before 2 p.m. today.

Firefighters responded and brought the situation under control within 15 minutes.

The Philadelphia fire marshal is currently investigating the cause.

Officials present say a book bag set on fire in a trash can was apparently responsible for the smoky condition, and SEPTA is awaiting the all-clear from the fire marshal before turning the power back on and restoring service.

There were no reports of injuries.

Kids are bad as hell...and they're getting worse. At this rate, I'm never having any.

#BigUps CBS Philly for the Lead


FUNNY VIDEO: Little Girl asks what "VIRGIN" means

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Video: Snoop Dogg's Pepsi Max Commercial

#BigUps to Snoop, Pepsi and the NFL for hooking up on this campaign. You can look for this Superbowl Sunday, although this is the director's cut...so expect minor changes.


Unrest In Egypt- American Response

As many of you already know the tension in Egypt is increasing every day. Protesters are gathering in larger numbers and the threat of violence against the protesters grows daily. President Obama has warned Egypt that billions of dollars in aid will be lost if they are violent towards protesters, although looters continue to ravage shopping malls and burn down police stations. The president has also sent a special "envoy" to meet with high level Egyptian official. The situation in Egypt has affected oil prices and the world's economy as its a center of export throughout the middle east. It appears the situation is only going to get worse but this is where the US must maintain their neutrality in this conflict. I'm comfortable with the US being peace keepers but we can't become peace makers inside of country in turmoil. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton offers "assistance" in the transition. I don't like the directions this could be headed. We've experienced this many times over throughout American history with the same result: loss of American lives and resources. It's ironic that the president threatened to eliminate aid to Egypt when we've been aiding this country throughout Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's dictator-like reign which has reached 29 years. We've supported a regime that routinely jails government critics and freedom of expression and assembly are restricted. Some may argue that US financial support is what has kept Mubarak's regime in power thus far. The possibility of a change in regime could hurt the US as new leadership may not necessarily be allies in the region. However, the real issue is American foreign policy being spread too thin. We must maintain focus on our other stated goals of bringing the military out of the Arab world and concentrate of the world's financial market. Unfortunately there is always unrest in the middle east, its a volatile area of the world but this time we must sit on the sidelines until this is resolved.