Thursday, December 30, 2010

@vladtv Exclusive: YM Jeweler & T-Pain Signs with Young Money

DJ Vlad gets all the exlcusive shit in hip-hop...big ups to him for this particular leak.

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Michael Jackson Committed Suicide???

A prosecutor says defense lawyers for Michael Jackson's doctor will claim, at his involuntary manslaughter trial, that the singer killed himself.

The statement by LA County Deputy DA, David Walgren, came at a hearing Wednesday, December 29, 2010, where a lawyer for Dr. Conrad Murray clashed with the prosecutor over who should test residue from two syringes found in Jackson's bedroom the night of his death.

Defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan said a huge amount of the anesthetic Propofol was found in Jackson's body but his client has said he gave him only 25 milligrams of the drug.

Walgren suggested the defense will claim Jackson killed himself by injecting more of the drug into himself.

A preliminary hearing in the case begins Jan. 4.

Say it ain't so Mike...say it ain't so...

#BigUps Billboard for the article.


Entire "Open You World" Heineken Campaign

So, I literally JUST made that earlier post, and got screamed on because I didn't post all the other videos! SmH.
"Nobody knows what you're talking about should have put the rest of the videos up there."
"Don't you want people to stay on the site longer?"
"Why would you direct them to youtube?"
Thank me later...or should I thank you?

Video: Heineken "The Entrance"Commercial

I think this is Heineken's way of creating their own "character." Similar to Dos Equis, who has successfully created and endorsed the "most interesting man in the world..." And now Ciroc's "Smooth Talk " campaign featuring Diddy, who is an already created character.

I do like the way they tied in all of their more recent campaigns though...hit youtube, and check past Heineken commercials. The tie in approach was genius, especially for those who enjoy their Superbowl-esque delivery method.

#BigUps to the Heineken Marketing and Promo division.


Nicki Minaj x King Magazine

So, two days late...we stumbled across this.

I'm actually not upset though, because this raises an appropriate Nicki here to stay? OR will she fade away, like another singing/rapping "Nicki?" Google: Nicole Wray

Only time will tell.

King Magazine covered Minaj or at least one of her personalities for their March/April 2011 issue, set to hit newsstands January 2011.

Interview excerpt



Video: Monster - Kanye West & Co.

I'll let the video and view count speak for themselves...