Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Slander, Marginalization, and the Politics of Homophobia [by @NegreauxProblem]

The Black community lost its way. I said it. The Game was once so eloquently quoted saying, "faggots are not real men".  This is the culture that has defined masculinity and now it's up to us to redefine the norm and inspire an alternate reality.  How dare an entire generation of African Americans disenfranchise another minority group for being different.  Just 45+ years ago, that would have been us fighting for equality.

This post comes as a response to a video that emerged of two kappas getting married.

Black twitter, without missing a beat, imploded.

Why is homophobia such a taboo topic that inspires such negative emotion and attracts slander like no other within our community?

At the root of the Black community was the church.  Nowadays, it seems the church is less and less important to hold our community together so why are we still using biblical allegory to support rhetorical contradictions?   Today, Black men and women act as a catalyst to slander each other in a form of cultural cannibalism.  Dream Hampton says it best, "as a community, we must continue to press for a culture free of hypocrisy and condemnation".  Homophobia is a malignant cancer that can destroy an entire culture seeking to disenfranchise, dehumanize, and marginalize. Black men get married everyday.  This caught so much heat because of their Greek affiliation.  As a direct result, non-Greeks jumped into the slander pool with a skewed perception of Greek life.  Greek organizations are still community based and don't conduct intake based on a HATE for any group of people.  In that regard it seems we have all lost our way. In an effort to change our mantra, hopefully this post will incite a new trajectory in the discourse regarding homophobia, paraphobia, and xenophobia.

Promotion: The-Dream Named VP of A&R at Def Jam

It's been reported The-Dream has been appointed the VP of A&R at Def Jam. How major is that?

And here's what Mr. Terius Nash had to say about that...

“I am committed as I have been previously to bringing the power of belief in the artist back to the forefront. I share a unique view of an artist and as well as the business of music. I, with the help of many others, have ran a successful business for the last five years in the midst of the “Digital Change.”

My concentration and effort will be to the artist to succeed in their dreams and goals. I’ve been a part of watching and participating in the success of many great women and men including Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion to name a few. Music means more than just a download, it’s life to the culture and also the people who listen. This is a new exciting yet critical time for music – ‘You Meet Change with Change!’”

"As long as you have the hottest acts, you'll be the hottest label." - the next up.



Newer Music: Pusha T - "Pain"

New music from G.O.O.D. Music's Pusha T, "Pain" features a hook from Future. Produced by Yeezy. 1/2 of the hardest duo ever ... no shots ... should be looking forward to that Def Jam solo, debut pretty soon, right?

Time is ticking. And it hurts.


Ben Baller (@BENBALLER) Insane Bling Web Series [Intro, Ep. 1 & 2]

As promised...SCREAMATME.com delivers...like UPS.

Ben Baller customizes jewelry and he's damn good at it. Watch him do his thing in the first few episodes for Pusha T and Q from Worldstar. Big Money.

Show Intro

Episodes 1 & 2 AFTER THE JUMP!

Ben Baller (@BENBALLER) x The Breakfast Club [Video]

Ben Baller, jeweler to your favorite stars...peep those Michael Jackson belt buckles, and those Obama lapel pins...sat down with The Breakfast Club and they talk jewelery of course, Prince, Jay-Z's Priority Records departure, and Ben's new venture, which will most likely be featured on SCREAMATME.com...

Thank us later.


Waka Flocka Links With The Breakfast Club [Video]

Where are all my Brick Squad fans?! Your flagship artist Waka Flocka Flame stopped by SCREAMATME.com's favorite breakfast spot in the morning. They discuss his hip-hop tenure, reality shows, social networking, his 2-year relationship and more.

He has to be the mellowest, hyper rapper ever.

No shots at Wiz.

You know what to do...


RZA x The Breakfast Club [Video]

The legend that is RZA stopped by The Breakfast Club, they discuss his upcoming directorial debut, The Man With The Iron Fist, The Wu-Tang Clan's 20th anniversary approaching, and possible collaborations...

Press Play.