Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Google+ Buzz?

Thanks to concept of social networking, and its rapid course of delivery, Google+, the latest social networking avenue, sounds like the new wave…isn't that a [explicit]!

The spark for Google's latest project, +, is fairly strong; captivating the attention of celebs, and users across the globe. Rapper/Actor/Socialite, 50 Cent and Facebook founder/weirdo/billionaire to be, Mark Zuckerberg were a few of the first, to publicly endorse the machine to be. Assuming that the push behind Google+ and the buzz around it, is bigger than it was for Google's Buzz project, makes your prediction close to dead on. But if you are also predicting Google+ is the next best thing, and on its way to monopolizing the social media conversation…Team urges you reconsider.

Sysomos is a social media analytics firm, and at's request, Sysomos compared the social media "trending-topicness" to that of Google's Buzz's when it launched back in February of 2010. The results read that the "buzz" (all pun everything), plaes in comparison. Google Buzz’s social media mentions peaked at 150,00 while Google+ surpassed 250,000 mentions.

After launching a few weeks ago, Google+ has successfully secured over 106,000 mentions in blogs, close to 30,000 news stories, and 1.9 million tweets. Some 85% of those combined mentions were positive. Talk about making waves...

Now for the bad news. Google+’s mentions are nowhere near as prevalent as Facebook’s and Twitter’s. Each of those services gets more than twice as many mentions per day as Google+…and these companies launch dates are almost as old as dinosaurs on today's information highway.

I know Google is working to catch up, it's all about timing in this day and age…but if there's one thing I KNOW to be true about Google, it's they never stop working. Look for Google+ to continue to make noise in this digital world.


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