Friday, October 28, 2011

Freddie Gibbs Cold Day In Hell [Tracklist + Cover]

- Tracklist -

01. Barely M.A.D.E. It
02. Rob Me A Nigga f.. Alley Boy
03. 187 Proof
04. Anything To Survive f. Freeway & Sly Polaroid
05. 2′s & Fews f. Young Jeezy
06. Gotta Let Ya Nuts Hang f. Will Scrilla
07. Let ‘Em Burn
08. B.A.N.ned
09. My Homeboy’s Girlfriend
10. PSA 2 (Pussy So Amazin)
11. Natural High
12. Str8 Slammin f. Juicy J
13. Menace II Society f. Dom Kennedy
14. Neighborhood Hoes f. 2 Chainz
15. Heaven Can Wait
16. My Dogz


Some Bun B Updates... [Excerpt + Download]

Steve Stoute also sat down with Bun B for his Tanning of America project, briefly...

Let’s fast forward a bit in your career to your hit record with Jay-Z, “Big Pimpin’.” Did you notice the demographic of your fan base start to change after that song and video was released? Did you start getting recognized more on the streets?

Yes, but it wasn’t a racial thing. I think it was just because it was [a big video]. UGK never really had any visuals. “Big Pimpin’” was the first time that anyone had ever really seen us. We had a lot of people that knew our music, but had never seen our faces because we never had any real videos. Ridin’ Dirty went gold, and we didn’t shoot one video for that album. They even shot a commercial without us.

Check the new music, "The Life" produced by 14KT.


"DUKE Can't Spell My Name I'm Going To UNC" (P.J. Hairston)

Yup, u read it right. Highschool recruit P.J. Hairston was seriously considering committing to DUKE. Until Duke continuously made a mistake that made him decide to become a Tar Heel at the University of North Carolina.

Here is what P.J. Says happened..

"The thing about Duke was, every time they sent me a letter, they wouldn’t spell my name right,’ Hairston said. ‘They would have T.J. Harrison or something like that. And I’m like, OK. How can I go here? You can’t even spell my name right. It’s only two letters and HAIR and STON. I’m trying to figure out how that’s so hard."

New Music: @YoungChris - "Triple Threat" (Feat. Fred The Godson & Vado) [Download]

Is it me, or did Fred REALLY kill this one?

The Revival on THIS Monday.



@ChargeItToJP's Top 5 Favorite Commercials of the Week [Video]

On, you are liable to see the end result of whatever we, your favorite contributors, feel on a daily basis...

And this is how I feel right now. Let me share with you the top 5 most entertaining commercials I've seen this week!

1 Reason why LeBRONs 1st Ring Will Mean NOTHING

Let me begin by saying I respect LeBron's game. Definitely one of the best basketball players in the game. He is physically blessed.. 6'8 270 with the speed of any Point Guard in the league. But my questions are where is his heart, desire, and will to be THE BEST?

My initial problem with "King" James was the way his fans labeled him so quickly as "Great". IN MY OPINION, to be great u have to have Physical skills and talent that make u better than majority of the competition. (LeBron has this) BUT when other players have these attributes and talents and the numbers are an argument the next thing to look at is "WINNING". How can a player be great without anything to show for their hard work....but hey let's say he does get a ring NOW...what will it mean?

What will it mean after the whole "Taking My Talents to South Beach" episode? NO I AM NOT GETTING INTO THAT IT'S OVER WITH...but now THIS....

LeBron Tweeted some things that has the public and NBA players talking...and it's not ALL GOOD. Yesterday he tweeted this
“@KingJames: Maybe @SteveNash in a Heat uni! So we can help each other get our 1st ring”
And this:
“@KingJames: Would love to see @JCrossover in a Heat uni! What u guys say?”

Why in the world does LeBron need Nash and Crawford to go along with HIM, wade, Bosh, and the numerous role players they have? This is exactly why we are in a lockout now. It's getting out of control.
But hey if LeBron wins a ring with Nash(PG), Wade(SG), LeBron(SF), Bosh (PF) Joel Anthony(C) I guess you guys will still label him as "Great". And that's where you lost ME. The fact that he is trying to recruit them, especially "Nash" is wild...
Heres is what OKC Guard "James Harden" had to say:
“@JHarden13: @KingJames Aye yo chill out with all this recruiting!!!!!!”

...but hey it's the 2011 NBA "Where Amazing Happens".

#SlanderSeason: Better Than Michael Jordan?!

Before I start, does anyone know who that is, pictured up there? I'll wait...




It's the Washington Wizards' own, Jordan Crawford. Follow him on twitter @jcraw55. When you do, check his bio. It reads: "On A Mission to become the GREATEST!!!!!! WHY NOT?"

Let me start there, with this...TALENT.

Don't get me wrong, Jordan Crawford is NOT corny. You must possess a high level of skill to not only play in the NBA, but to even actually PLAY in the NBA, you have to be at least half way great. Jordan Crawford actually plays. He averaged about 34 minutes and 16 points per in the Nation's capital last season, alongside rookie sensation, John Wall.

HOWEVER, just because you share a name with the greatest player to not only touch a basketball wearing that NBA logo, but also one of (if not the) most recognizable brands in sports period...doesn't give you the right or left to say shit like this...

"I don't tell nobody, but I feel like I can be better than Michael Jordan," Crawford said, no sarcasm, no laughs plus the straight face. "When I'm done playing, I don't want people to say, Michael Jordan is the best player. I want that to be me."

I'm out.


Allen Iverson Is Focused.

Former NBA Most Valuable Player Allen Iverson says he’ll play for ANY TEAM as long as it means getting him back under that Jerry West logo. This, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Iverson, 36, played overseas last season with Besiktas of the Turkish Basketball League, following an off season filled with turmoil and distress. The 10-time All-Star, however, says that with family issues that left him distracted over the past two seasons now behind him, he’s ready to focus on returning to the NBA.

“That wasn’t me at all,” Iverson told Yahoo!. “Obviously, I was dealing with the situation with my daughter and going through a divorce, and I wasn’t there mentally. In my career those last couple years were so hard for me because I wasn’t there. Mentally, I wasn’t there.”

The Answer is set to host a two-day professional basketball tournament in Las Vegas, NV. The “Las Vegas Superstar Challenge” is scheduled to take place at the Thomas and Mack Center November 12-13. I have a feeling Al will be giving his everything out there in attempt to prove he can still run with the best of the best.

At the height of his career, the < 6 foot Iverson was one of the best scorers in league history. Between 1999 and 2005 he led the league in scoring five times, averaging over 30 points scored per game four times.


The Tanning Of America: Steve Stoute Interviews Jay-Z [Video]

Shout out to these two heavy weights in their own right...

Sit down with Steve Stoute as he chops it up with Jay. They discuss The Hard Knock Life Tour, Watch The Throne, and that other bubbly company, we no longer mention by name...


@MacMiller - "Party On 5th Ave" [Video]

Is this late? My bad Mac...but damn, you just dropped the track a few days ago right?

I heard the listening party was ill. Send an invite next go. Anyway, let's get into the latest visual presentation....

Word to 2Dope


@TPain - "Fantasy" (Feat. Dawn Richards) [Video]

You can find this one, on the prEVOLVEr mixtape, available for download RIGHT HERE...

rEVOLVEr THE ALBUM coming December 6th, just in time for the holiday...

Dir. and Edited by Pain himself.


More Jeezy: .38 The Movie [Trailer]

It seems as if Young IS really working over there at Camp USDA. Check the trailer for the movie, him and his team intend to drop December 20th along with TM103.


New Music: Young Jeezy - "Ni**as In Paris" [Download]

So, I guess the snowman had to dig this beat up and add some more feet to that 6 it was already under....

Forward this P.S.A. From Paris, France: NO. MORE. NIGGAS. ALLOWED.